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  • Salutatory lessons for us all in the Governance Institute Ethics Index

    by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive Governance Institute of Australia

    Last month Governance Institute released Australia's the second annual Governance Institute Ethics Index, the findings of which make it very clear that leaders must do more to restore trust in their institutions and organisations. Australians are unhappy with the ethical standards of our largest corporations and their CEOs, particularly in banking and finance, as well as of parliamentarians, unions and large sections of the media. 

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  • Disrupting from within

    by Kyle Loades, President and Chairman, NRMA

    While our 100-year history and household name created tremendous opportunities for the NRMA, more recently, it was forced to undergo a complete transformation to ensure the organisation and our 2.5 million members stay on the road and in business. Driverless cars, car sharing companies, an aging customer base and a reluctance by younger people to join, forced us to rethink the business model, identify and mitigate risk at board and executive levels and develop and implement an organisation wide transformation strategy.

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  • When Nelson Mandela calls — Professor Mervyn E King SC on integrated thinking

    by Professor Mervyn E King SC Chairman, International Integrated Reporting Council, South Africa and Senior Counsel and former Judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa

    As chairman of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) I look forward to sharing with you the IIRC’s vision to align capital allocation and corporate behaviour with the wider goals of financial stability and sustainable development through integrated thinking and reporting at Governance Institute’s 34th National Conference in Melbourne on 4 and 5 December.

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  • How to pick the right tools for assessing risk

    by Paul Chivers, Chief Risk Advisor, riskfacilitator

    More and more, organisations are faced with increasing levels of assurance being required around risk management. Many struggle in the defensible and effective presentation of that assurance. One such tool being the risk register and associated risk matrix. 

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  • Don’t miss our short and sharp National Conference featuring the ‘who’s who’ in the profession

    by Meegan George, Chief Commercial Officer, Governance Institute of Australia

    In an era of disruption, global uncertainty and fast-paced innovation, boards as well as governance and risk professionals run the risk of becoming irrelevant at a time when they are needed most. Globalisation competition and digitisation are disrupting the marketplace and boards must adapt to these challenges or risk being left behind. Never before have sound governance and risk practices been more critical.

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