Month: May

  • Did I just blow the whistle?

    by Brian Hood, whistleblower and former company secretary at NPA

    When Brian Hood, the former company secretary at Note Printing Australia (NPA), a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), raised concerns about wrongdoing in the organisation, he was not only met with resistance, but had to face harassment and intimidation at the hands of the perpetrators, ultimately losing his job and then face public denials of the existence of his whistleblowing by his former employer.

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  • Public sector governance — challenges and approach

    by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing

    The public sector constitutes the backbone of any government or society, and effective governance within the public sector can make a vast difference to how public sector entities perform and to the outcomes sought by a government. This makes it a compelling reason for public sector entities to periodically review and refine their approach to governance.

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