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Building a valuable network involves more than handing over a business card

Posted by Kerry McGoldrick, Director Advisory, EY; Member NSW Council, Governance Institute of Australia on 30/10/2015

The value of a wide network of peers, mentors and professional acquaintances is crucial on many levels. It can help you tap into industry knowledge, find your dream job, provide a source of referrals or build a business.

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Taking governance beyond the board to the entire organisation

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 29/10/2015

For the last decade, the focus of governance has been on the board, on embedding good practices and behaviour at board level so that directors can provide more effective oversight of management and accountability to stakeholders.

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Gender diversity — you can be part of the solution

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 23/10/2015

The statistics on women in leadership are sobering. According to the August 2015 report from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), only 24 per cent of directors in Australia are women, only 17 per cent are CEOs and only 26 per cent hold key management positions. In fact, as many as one-third of organisations that report to the WGEA have no women in key management roles at all.

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Legislation is not the best way to achieve independence on super fund boards

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 16/10/2015

Governance Institute remains a strong supporter of independence on superannuation fund boards. From when the debate on governance on super fund boards started early in 2014, we made the key point that a majority of independent directors is the best outcome, as they need to be able to influence how the board is operating. 

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