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  • Career focus: A day in the life of an enterprise risk management professional

    by Rachel Waterhouse, National Director, Marketing & Membership Services

    Risk is ever-present in the business environment. ‘Risk management’ may have become a buzzword following the global financial crisis, but today it is a vital discipline and skill-set no line manager, senior executive or director can do without.

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  • First GPS school to become co-ed — an exercise in stakeholder management

    by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing

    Economic and demographic changes over the past decade have affected many time-honoured Australian institutions and schools have been no exception. This month, it was announced that a member of the Greater Public Schools (GPS) association based in regional NSW would become the first school in the prestigious network to become co-educational. This decision reflects a broader trend over the past few years, of single sex schools in regional areas becoming coeducational in response to dwindling local populations and difficult economic conditions.

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  • Governance Institute app

    by Tim Sheehy, Chief Executive, Governance Institute of Australia

    Governance Directions will soon be available to read on iPad. The August issue of Governance Directions is the launch edition of the iPad app, which will include all editorial content from the regular print version and be a new, convenient way for members and subscribers to access the journal. 

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  • What does it take to be a non-executive director today?

    by Trisha Mok, President, Governance Institute of Australia

    A non-executive director (NED) is one who is not employed by the organisation and not part of the executive management team.  

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  • Can ASIC be all things to all people?

    by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing

    ASIC’s responsibilities are vast and varied. It’s both corporate watchdog and community educator. Policy-maker and enforcer. Protector of retail consumers and defender of our financial markets.

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