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How does your remuneration compare?

Posted by Terry McGuirk, McGuirk Management Consultants on 04/07/2017

As in previous years,  the 2017 report is based on remuneration data covering 1,021 boards and collected from 390 online contributors (mostly Governance Institute members), 261 boards which are ongoing contributors to the survey and 370 client boards of McGuirk Management Consultants.

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Investment in their boards and leaders benefits charities

Posted by Susan Pascoe AM, Commissioner, Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission on 27/06/2017

Investment in the development of a charity’s board and leadership should be viewed as a necessary expense; one which increases an organisation’s effectiveness by strengthening its skills and knowledge base.

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Risk management a great career option for success minded professionals

Posted by Peter Wyntie Director and Principal Consultant, Peter Whyntie & Associates Pty Ltd on 25/05/2017

If there is one thing I’ve learned after 25 years in the risk business, it’s that you’ve got to keep on top of your game and walk the talk. Risk management in any space has been a burning issue — especially since the Global Financial Crisis — and organisations are always on the lookout for qualified risk managers, particularly those with ‘stand-out’ qualifications like Governance Institute’s Risk and Governance Professional designation which is — without doubt — one of the best on offer.

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Shareholder activism: A new frontier for governance professionals

Posted by Michael Chandler, Governance Director, GPS on 25/05/2017

Governance professionals take note!  Institutional shareholders are becoming very active when it comes to governance concerns presenting themselves at shareholder meetings, be it at the annual general meeting or a requisitioned extraordinary meeting, so ignore them at your peril.

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Culture and corporate governance in 2017

Posted by Alberto Colla, Partner MinterEllison on 24/05/2017

While regulators worldwide have extracted nearly A$400 billion in fines from banks and investment banks for various scandals since the global financial crisis, unethical conduct is not just the province of the financial sector. Last year, Volkswagen agreed to a US$14.7 billion settlement in the US, admitting it had installed software in diesel cars to cheat exhaust emission tests.

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In an age of disruption — trust is a real issue for boards

Posted by Rachel Botsman, author of the upcoming book, 'Who Can You Trust?' on 23/05/2017

A key issue for boards to embrace is that the real disruption happening is not technology itself, but the massive trust shift it creates

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