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Australians hold directors and executives accountable for corporate ethics

Posted by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive Officer, Governance Institute of Australia on 04/08/2016

Governance Institute of Australia’s recently launched inaugural Ethics Index has confirmed what many of us suspected; that while Australian society overall is seen as ‘somewhat ethical’, many view big business, the banks and politicians as unethical.

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Bespoke in-house training makes governance easy

Posted by Rachel Waterhouse, National Director, Marketing & Membership Services on 04/07/2016

Governance Institute’s in-house training service, with its innovative approach to professional development, is proving to be a boon for large organisations across industry sectors. Offering flexibility and tailoring solutions for each organisation’s unique needs, Governance Institute’s in-house training service is gaining popularity across a broad cross-section of organisations in the not-for-profit and private sectors keen to upskill their board and executives.

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What risk management strategies should be undertaken by organisations to minimise the risks surrounding terrorist activities?

Posted by Tom McCleod, McCleod Governance on 30/06/2016

In November 1963 the world was rocked to its core with the murder of President John F Kennedy.

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Start where you’ve got the best chance of success…….

Posted by Helen Burgess, Executive General Manager, Corporate Relations & Reputation, NRMA on 28/06/2016

Start where you’ve got the best chance of success … that’s the best bit of advice I can give any organisation setting out on the ‘whole-of-organisation governance’ journey. Nor is it realistic to think you can do it on your own. You have to build support, break down the silos and get everyone on song. For my part, I began where I believed I had the best chance of success; with other leaders in the organisation who had the same passion and drive as I did to put in place the framework and linkages needed to deliver outcomes we want.

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Groundswell of support for wholesale review of the Corporations Act

Posted by Judith Fox, National Director, Policy & Publishing on 20/06/2016

Enacted over 20 years ago, the Act governing Australia’s companies and financial markets came into effect before we had hybrid cars, caller ID, lithium batteries, jpgs or mobile broadband and is now in urgent need of a major overhaul if it is going to support and not hinder a dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative economy.

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Did I just blow the whistle?

Posted by Brian Hood, whistleblower and former company secretary at NPA on 26/05/2016

When Brian Hood, the former company secretary at Note Printing Australia (NPA), a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), raised concerns about wrongdoing in the organisation, he was not only met with resistance, but had to face harassment and intimidation at the hands of the perpetrators, ultimately losing his job and then face public denials of the existence of his whistleblowing by his former employer.

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