• What I wish I knew before becoming a director

    by Dr Peter Crow, Board Advisor & Company Director

    A senior director once told me, “What you see may not be what it is”. Looking back on 20 years of boardroom experience, two things have stood out: no one has all the answers, and the importance of listening to various perspectives can never be underestimated.

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  • Three top tips for postgraduate students — from someone who’s been there, done that

    by Stephanie Vass, Executive General Manager — Legal, Risk and Safety Chandler Macleod Group Limited.

    Stephanie Vass, Executive General Manager — Legal, Risk and Safety Chandler Macleod Group Limited.

    As someone who has completed and meaningfully benefited from Governance Institute’s Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance, I’m keen to share my experiences and top tips for anyone considering postgraduate study.

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  • Top five challenges for governance and risk management professionals in 2018

    by Meegan George, Chief Commercial Officer

    In the boardroom and throughout the organisation there is no getting away from strategy, culture and technology. Are these elements embedded in your daily action plan? Or are they simply buzzwords?

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  • Overcoming sports governance challenges

    by Bronwyn Kelaher, Athletics official, athlete and mum of an athlete

    I’ve been on all manner of committees. Not just at work but in my social and sporting lives as well. Once people find out you know how to run things or how organised you are — basically, that you are familiar with governance — it’s not long before you’re on the committee.

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  • Turn culture into a competitive advantage with artificial intelligence

    by Harry Toukalas, Co-founder, Blackhall & Pearl

    Corporate culture remains one of the most difficult issues for organisations to get right. Organisational balance sheets and reputations are being severely impacted while regulatory and community scrutiny is intensifying. It has become a topic of national conversation.

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  • March 8, 2018 International Women's Day — talking gender diversity

    by Katrina North, Asia Pacific Diversity and Inclusiveness Leader, EY

    Today, leading organisations are being overhauled to better suit the needs of more women in the workforce and greater diversity, however progress is slow. Organisations taking the lead are gaining a competitive advantage.

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