Five tips for networking like a boss at a conference

Your time at an industry conference is precious — so many sessions to attend, speaker insights to absorb and people to meet.

Maximise your networking opportunities at this year's Governance Institute’s  National Conference with five networking tips — guaranteed to have you making valuable professional connections in no time.

1. Have a game plan
With so many delegates at one event, the number and pace of conversations can be overwhelming. Make a list of the sessions you want to attend, the sorts of people you want to meet, and your ideal takeaways — don’t forget to pack your business cards

2. Maximise time at the hotel
Take part in networking events, and increase your chances of meeting and engaging with like-minded delegates around the hotel.  This is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your new connections and old acquaintances.

3. Be social
Post on LinkedIn or Twitter to get involved in the conversation. Tag Governance Institute (@ and then enter name) and use the conference hashtag #GovCon18 to engage with speakers and delegates — you can start doing this before you even arrive at the conference. Don’t forget to keep tweeting throughout the conference too! Tag your new contacts and highlight speakers to keep the conversation

4. Practice your intro
Avoid the ‘hover’ approach. Rehearse your introduction, so that you can approach delegates with confidence. Consider your ‘personal brand’. What do you stand for? What’s your value proposition? 

5. Be approachable 
Circulate and be engaged — don't spend all your time on your laptop or phone. You'll be seen as more approachable for conversations by fellow delegates.

Now you're ready to network like a boss, put your skills to good use —  view the full line up for National Conference and start working on your networking game plan.

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