Top five challenges for governance and risk management professionals in 2018

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In the boardroom and throughout the organisation there is no getting away from strategy, culture and technology. Are these elements embedded in your daily action plan? Or are they simply buzzwords?

If you have governance or risk management responsibilities, here are the top five challenges in the area of strategy, culture and technology that you need to overcome.

1. The future of work

There is a profound transformation in the way we work. Every day brings a new work model — demanding new skills that are fundamentally changing the workplace and workforce. There is much discussion on the impact of automation, robotics and AI jobs, skills and wages. What then are the implications for governance and risk management thinking, standards and practice?

2. Blockchain technology

Distributed Ledger Technology is disrupting business models and moving away from complex siloed models in multiple sectors. As Australia explores the promise of blockchain and its potential for productivity, efficiency and value, are you across the challenges and opportunities for governance, risk management and business outcomes?

3. Reinforcing culture in a climate of low trust
Culture is not a new concept. It is a significant driver of conduct within organisations. In the midst of a period of low trust, regulators and business leaders are focussed on restoring trust in leadership and the organisation. How effectively are you translating organisational culture into behaviours and outcomes that reflect your company’s unique DNA, mission and value proposition? Do you have the measures and metrics to determine the real impact of culture on your organisatio’s function, productivity and value?

4. Climate change as a business risk
According to new research, too many Australian organisations fail to address how climate change impacts their business. Are you effectively mapping vulnerabilities and risks for operations, production, customers and supply chains, and designing asset-level risk assessments? Have you built a nimble and resilient, mitigation and adaptation plan?

5. Transform risk management into an enabler for performance, innovation and growth
Risk management is no longer an exercise in fear and avoidance. Organisation leaders need to view risk management as an enabler of growth and innovation. Does your enterprise risk management deliver smarter and responsive risk taking for leveraging growth opportunities?

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