Risk management a great career option for success minded professionals

If there is one thing I’ve learned after 25 years in the risk business, it’s that you’ve got to keep on top of your game and walk the talk. Risk management in any space has been a burning issue — especially since the Global Financial Crisis — and organisations are always on the lookout for qualified risk managers, particularly those with ‘stand-out’ qualifications like Governance Institute’s Risk and Governance Professional designation which is — without doubt — one of the best on offer.

The designation is a highly regarded way of certifying your commitment to risk management, allowing you to become immersed in an increasingly crucial role in any organisation. In fact, in the banking sector the chief risk officer is one of the top five renumerated people in the bank!

In today’s increasingly competitive market, you need in-depth knowledge of operational risk management issues and frameworks to protect your company’s most important assets. Unexpected and unpredictable events go to the core of effective risk management. Many institutions have quite a lot of offerings that are specific to a very particular aspect of risk.

For example, in the construction industry OH&S is a big risk factor, and we are all familiar with the risk failings in the financial services sector. And it is this level of insight that makes the Institute’s module is so relevant. It looks at the entirety of enterprise management; exploring a broad cross section of scenarios and categories of risk and ties them together. Importantly, it looks at risk from a governance perspective which is critical as you can’t separate risk management from good governance.

Nor can you separate culture from risk. You need to understand what behaviours are required at both the individual and organisational level to mitigate potential risks. Then comes the tricky bit about determining how you can effectively cascade these behaviours throughout the entire organisation. And you need to be able to differentiate between risk appetite and tolerance.

Almost daily we read about another failure by organisations to effectively manage and mitigate risks. As the recent Senate inquiry into the banking industry clearly demonstrated, people are almost always the weakest link when it comes to risk management. And like the banks, for any organisation that has experienced a risk failure, the only effective way to re-establishing its reputation with its stakeholders it to embed a risk aware culture. That’s why organisations need a highly qualified risk professional.

Effectively managing risk is the new frontier in protecting an organisation’s reputation, integrity and financial performance with tremendous career opportunities for those who want to carve out a successful career in one of the fastest growing professions. And — in my book — Governance Institute’s Risk and Governance Professional designation is an excellent means of achieving that goal.

Governance Institute courses are online and flexible, offering telephone tutorials that can be fitted into a lunch hour. And with a commitment of just five to seven hours per week, you can future proof your career with the one of the best risk management qualification on offer. A great career choice if ever there was one!

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