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Three signs of a well-governed sports club

Posted by John Buchanan, Director and owner, Buchanan Success Coaching on 20/02/2018

For players and spectators alike the results on the sporting pitch are what get the most attention. We often credit (or blame) those results solely on the preparation of the athletes and the strategies of the coaches. Less visible — but just as important — is the work behind the scenes, of board members, lower-level employees (in professional sport) and volunteers.

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Is your risk management framework ready for 2018?

Posted by Meegan George, Chief Commercial Officer, Governance Institute of Australia on 30/01/2018

Have you recently taken on risk management responsibilities? Or has the increasing focus on risk management — whether it be in regards to risk culture, risk appetite, cyber risk, or people risk — made you realise that you need to formalise your organisation’s risk management framework? If so, now’s the time to build your risk management toolkit.

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Three generations plus Governance Institute

Posted by Ben Collins, Business Advisor on 22/12/2017

Being a third-generation accountant, I am constantly reminded what needs to be done in the governance space for small, fast-growing businesses. While accounting is a great head start, there is a broad range of other essential skills owners and operators need to deal with.

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How accidentally becoming company secretary paved the way for the future

Posted by Gareth Jones, Director of Finance & Contract Performance, St John of God Midland Public Hospital on 22/12/2017

There’s no doubt that being chief financial officer for a junior listed company in Perth going through the commodity downturn had its challenges. And like many in Perth at the time, I not only had to find ways to cut costs, I was accidentally thrust into the role of company secretary. 

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Day two at National Conference — Everyone has a role to play in disruption. What’s yours?

Posted by Posted by Meegan George, Chief Commercial Officer, Governance Institute of Australia on 06/12/2017

What an incredible two days with over 450 knowledge-thirsty attendees and the highest calibre of content experts — our most successful National Conference ever!

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Day one at National Conference — a day of disruption

Posted by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive Governance Institute of Australia on 05/12/2017

What a day! Governance at a time of disruption. Disrupt we did on the opening day of Governance Institute’s 2017 National Conference. In its warp and weft, in its style, in its rhythm, this was clearly a National Conference that has refreshed itself and drawn energy from its theme.

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