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PC makes far-reaching recommendations on data availability


The Productivity Commission (PC) has released its long awaited final report on data availability and use which contains far-reaching recommendations on the future use of data. The report calls for a major change in governance structures around data — ‘changes that deal head-on with the fact that data is increasingly digital, revealing of the activities and preferences of individual people or businesses, and distributed widely in the private sector’

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Preparing your next financial report


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) warns that the introduction of some major new accounting standards will have the greatest impact on financial reporting since the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards in 2005. In a recent media release, it urges directors and management to plan for these new standards and inform investors and other financial report users of the impact on reported results.

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New moves to stem vulnerable worker exploitation


The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has launched four practical guides to help businesses ensure every worker in their contracting networks is being paid fairly and appropriately. The guides follow the introduction of the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 to Parliament in March.

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The importance of a board skills matrix


Creating a board skills matrix clarifies the thinking of the board and aids in productive conversations around skill sets. However, why is a board skills matrix so important and how can you use it to support the strategy of the organisation and facilitate succession planning?

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Boards need to step up on cyber security


Boards are rising to the challenges of cyber risk, but still have a way to go when it comes to being prepared and resilient against security threats. That’s one of the findings of the ASX 100 Cyber Health Check, released in April, to gauge for the first time how ASX 100 boards view and manage their exposure to the rapidly evolving cyber world.

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ACSI turns up the heat on male only boards


Time is running out for companies without women directors or any plans to improve gender diversity on their boards, says the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI). Indeed, the super fund grouping, whose members own around ten per cent of the average ASX 200 company, plans to start voting against the sitting directors of these companies in 2017.

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Latest media releases

New research confirms protections for whistleblowing ‘a must’


The interim findings of the  world’s largest research project into whistleblowing by Griffith University reinforces the need for a stand-alone, ‘one-stop-shop’ Act for corporate whistleblowers claims Governance Institute of Australia, saying that regulator -specific provisions across many pieces of legislation do not provide the best protection for those exposing misconduct.

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Directors must have the option to return insolvent companies to profitability


Governance Institute of Australia is of the strong view that directors must have the option to be able to return a company to profitability, claiming this will deliver better outcomes  for all stakeholders including creditors who are more likely to be paid as the business is returned to viability.

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Governance Institute launches ‘must-have’ guide for aged care directors


With profitability, return on assets and equity under pressure in what is soon to be the largest employer in the country, Governance Institute of Australia’s Adding value to governance in aged care is a ‘must have’ guide for directors and senior management facing the governance challenges of a sector going through unprecedented disruption.

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Governance Institute calls for ‘one-stop’ shop for whistleblowers


Governance Institute has called for a stand-alone, ‘one-stop-shop’ Act for corporate whistleblowers, saying that regulator -specific provisions across many pieces of legislation will not provide the best protection for those exposing misconduct.

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Proposed ASIC funding model will subsidise poor corporate behaviour


The funding model for ASIC being proposed by the Federal Government is likely to result in-well run and well-governed entities subsidising entities exhibiting poor corporate behaviour, claims Governance Institute of Australia.

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Governance Institute awards scholarships to three high-achievers


Governance Institute of Australia has awarded the 2016 Leonard Watson Chant Legacy postgraduate governance scholarship to three outstanding professionals. 

The scholarship covers the fees for each student’s preferred governance course, up to a maximum of AUD$13,038.

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