Postnominals and Designations

Members are awarded accredited postnominals and professional designations at each membership level. Governance Institute postnominals boost your professional profile and provide national recognition of your governance and risk management skills.

  Postnominals Professional designations
Affiliated member GIA(Affiliated)
Associate member AGIA Risk and Governance Professional
Fellow member FGIA Risk and Governance Professional


Member logo

Members of Governance Institute may use a specially designed Governance Institute of Australia logo. 

Download the logo file type which is appropriate for your needs. A PNG is suitable for online usage. For an email signature use this PNG format. An EPS file is suitable for print purposes. 

Read the conditions of use on the Member Policies page. 


Expand your professional community with our many member-only networking events, and our member-only LinkedIn group to benefit from a diverse range of views on governance and risk policy. 

Members are also encouraged to become involved with Governance Institute through policy committees, events and the national AGM. 


As an independent voice on governance and risk management, we are an active participant in the reform process. We engage with government on proposed legislative regulatory reform and the bodies to which it refers inquiries, and also with the media, to ensure that our members' views are widely disseminated. 

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