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Jillian Hamilton FGIA
The Safety Governance Institute provides safety governance education for boards, chief executive officers, safety professionals, governance professionals, directors and risk managers. Our courses are open to professionals who would like to advance their qualifications and experience in the field of safety governance. A course is the ideal way to advance your skillset in culture, ethics and governance. Be a great corporate citizen and have a meaningful company purpose requires a new focus on non-financial risks. Learn from Non-Financial Risk Experts and lead your organisation to the era of stakeholder value creation and in return sustainable and increased bottom lines. Services include: Safety Governance Courses Due Diligence Reviews Independent Legal Compliance Audits Board Advisory Strategic Non-Financial Approaches


C-Suite Safety Solutions logo Micheal Martin
+61 488 331 124
C-Suite Safety Solutions' workplace safety consultants have come together to support leaders in ensuring their organisation performs safely and efficiently.
Building upon our industry experience, the team at C-Suite Safety Solutions are constantly learning through interactions with industry leaders and iconic companies. 

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  Anita Macartney FGIA
+61 403 217 285
Mactown Consulting is an Australian based provider of consulting and training services designed to enhance maturity and capability in risk and safety. We are a small business with highly experienced consultants with operational experience from high-risk industries including mining, aviation and nuclear safety. Services include: Advice and support with risk and safety management systems; bowtie licence, facilitation and training; and corporate governance.

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px partners logo Jon O'Keeffe FGIA
+61 424 299 675

Technologies, business models, regulations are constantly evolving. It is critical you have access to the right expertise at the right time. We offer flexible solutions based on your needs whether that is an outsourced CRO, externalising your GRC function or occasional support to fix a problem. 

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