Recruiting for a voluntary position

Not-for-profits recruiting a voluntary role

If you are a not-for-profit recruiting for a voluntary position you are eligible for a free listing. Free listings should be approximately 100 words. Please refer to the below template and send to


Organisation name (hyperlinked to website), based in city, state abbreviation, is seeking a volunteer role title to assist with responsibility brief summary. Your commitment will include details e.g. no of board meetings, timing and location of meetings etc. For further information or to apply please contact name, email, phone. Applications close date.

For-profits recruiting a voluntary role

If you are a for-profit organisation recruiting a voluntary role, you will need to fill out a listing application form with the job description and your credit card details then send this to


Please refer to our FAQ's for answers to commonly asked questions. 


Please note: Governance Institute is not a recruitment agency, nor do we interview candidates. We cannot guarantee applications. We simply facilitate the provision of interested candidates for a position to an employer or recruiter. It is then your responsibility to determine whether to interview and engage any candidate put forward.

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