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Keeping record of your CPD

All members are responsible for maintaining a record of their CPD activities.

You will be required to submit your CPD activity and supporting documentation of attendance/completion, should you be audited by Governance Institute.

Please retain a copy of your CPD information prior to submitting your activity.

You can download a template here.

If you have any questions regarding CPD please contact Governance Institute on 1800 251 849 or email

Example of recording CPD

Date CPD activity Structured
or Unstructured
Activity type Title or activity description Activity objective/result CPD hours
1 November 2017 Structured Course Practical On-the-Job Skills
for Company Secretaries
Explore the practical issues that company secretaries face in carrying out their duties. Highlight duties under the Corporations Act and the essentials of statutory compliance (e.g. complying with ASIC requirements). 7
1 November 2017 Unstructured Journal Reading Governance Directions Maintaining and sharing of knowledge regarding governance issues. 1