Inability to meet CPD requirements

If you consider you have a valid reason for not being able to meet your CPD requirement, you will need to apply in writing to the Governance Institute Board at:

CPD Exemptions
The Board of Governance Institute of Australia
GPO Box 1594
Sydney NSW 2001

Before submitting your application for CPD exemption, please keep in mind the commencement date for your triennium period.

Download the application for structured CPD exemption.

Consideration of partial or full exemptions for structured CPD may include, but are not restricted to:

  • members on parental leave
  • members with a physical disability
  • members with significant health/illness-related issues
  • members who are in extremely remote geographical locations
  • members who are unemployed
  • members who are experiencing severe financial hardship.

Exemptions for unstructured CPD are generally not granted, unless due to individual circumstances, the Governance Institute Board decides otherwise.

Failing to meet CPD requirements without an exemption

If it is found that a member has not met their compulsory CPD requirement, they will be subject to the following section of ICSA Bye-laws 56.8.

If it is found … that a member has:

disobeyed any decisions of the Council or of his Divisional Committee; or broken any of the Institute's Byelaws or Charter or Regulations

the National (Divisional) Disciplinary Tribunal can apply any of the sanctions set out in ICSA Bye-laws 57.


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