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Who is The Chartered Governance Institute?

The Chartered Governance Institute (formally known as ICSA) is an international body, with over 30,000 members living and working in over 80 countries. It has nine divisions worldwide, supporting membership and qualifying students through their international qualifying scheme. 

Is it the same as Governance Institute of Australia? 

Governance Institute of Australia and The Chartered Governance Institute are separate membership bodies. However, Governance Institute administers the Australian division of The Chartered Governance Institute. Many Governance Institute members are members of both associations but not all are. 

Members of Governance Institute are governed under the Governance Institute Constitution

Chartered Governance Institute members are governed under the Royal Charter.

Members of both are governed by both. 

What are the requirements for Chartered Membership?

To become a member with Chartered Governance Institute you must complete either the new Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management or the former Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance

Read further about membership types on pathways to membership

Current Governance Institute members can join Chartered Governance Institute once they've completed postgraduate study — read about advancements

What are The Chartered Governance Institute membership benefits?

Membership with The Chartered Governance Institute provides:

  • Internationally-recognised postnominals (CG(Affiliated), ACG, FCG)
  • The designations Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional
  • The ability to transfer to or from any other international division

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What's a Chartered Secretary and a Chartered Governance Professional?

What does it cost? 

Membership to The Chartered Governance Institute is complimentary with your Governance Institute membership. 



Are you an ICSI member? 

There is Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). 

ICSI members can only be admitted to membership in the Australian division, through the MOU, if they are permanent residents or citizens of Australia. Click the button below to read further about the ICSI-MOU requirements.

ICSI-MOU requirements

Transferring in

Request for transfer (in) of membership from another Chartered Governance Institute division to Governance Institute of Australia

For Governance Institute of Australia to accept a transfer of membership:

  • You must have permanent residency in Australia
  • be a current financial member of your current Division in 'good standing'
  • may have to pay a fee to complete the transfer, depending on the renewal cycle of your current division.

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Request a membership assessment - attach a resume or LinkedIn profile for our membership specialist to assess. 

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