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NSW Fellow Roundtable: Trust & Transparency — Tips for Company Secretaries

22 August 2024 12:00pm - 2:00pm
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Please note this is a Fellow member only event.


Trust & Transparency: Tips for Company Secretaries navigating responsibilities between the Board, Chair and Management

We are inviting members for a Fellows-only roundtable lunch where we discuss tips and best practices for Company Secretaries in navigating their responsibilities to the Board, Chairperson and Executive Management.

CoSecs know governance is most effective when there is trust between themselves, the Chair and the CEO. Open communication channels and regular briefings with all parties help to maintain this trust, ensure transparency of information for Board meetings and result in the strongest outcomes for corporate governance.

But what happens in cases where this relationship is not nurtured, where there is tension between the Board and management? How should Company Secretaries navigate this situation, and where do their responsibilities and loyalties lie when communication breaks down?

Join us for a dedicated roundtable designed to help company secretaries share knowledge, experiences, and tips on transforming governance at their organisation by fostering strong internal relationships, facilitating communication lines, and driving transparency.

This private, open forum is designed as an opportunity to share best practices and tips from experienced practitioners for all attendees to build their skills and network with others.

You’re invited along for a collaborative and open session with your peers to listen, contribute and learn with other Company Secretaries

This event is for our Fellow members only.This event has limited seats - registration is essential. Your seat is not reserved until you have received a registration confirmation email. 


More information to come shortly!

What is in it for you?

Join us for an exclusive Fellows-only roundtable lunch where our discussions will focus on:

  • Tips and best practices for Company Secretaries.
  • Building trust and maintaining open communication with the Chair and CEO.
  • Strategies for maintaining transparency and effective governance.
  • Addressing challenges when Board-management relationships are strained.
  • Learning from experienced practitioners about fostering strong internal relationships.

Who should attend?

Fellows and senior c-suite people

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