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Enrolment information

Enrolment is the process by which all postgraduate and non-award students enrol in or choose their subjects each semester over the duration of their course based on the structure of their course.

Note: New students who formally accept their offer of admission; and all (new and continuing) students who pay their tuition fees will have access to their course notes online approximately two weeks before the start of each semester.

How to enrol: New and continuing postgraduate, non-award and non-assessed students

All postgraduate students are expected to enrol in subjects by the Friday prior to the commencement of semester to ensure they do not miss vital academic content, have time to prepare for early assessment items and do not unnecessarily place themselves at academic risk. Late enrolment does not necessitate approval for an extension of assessment items.

The enrolment process for students is as follows:

  1. First, check your subject/s based on the structure of your Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma course; or the non-award subject or non-assessed subject you have been approved to study this semester.
  2. Go to our course catalogue  and then click on the far left drop down menu at the top of the page and select “postgraduate courses”. A list of postgraduate subjects will appear for you to select to enrol and pay your fees. You must do this by the enrolment deadline (the Friday prior to the start of the semester); note new students can only enrol after accepting their offer of admission.
  3. When you select your subjects online, you will then pay your fees online by credit card for the subject/s you enrol in.
    You will then receive an enrolment confirmation via email to the email account you have on file with Governance Institute.
  4. To access the Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard, go to the homepage of the Governance Institute website and click on the Learning Management System icon and you will be taken directly to Blackboard.
  5. Once in Blackboard, click on “courses” on the left menu; and you will then be able to see the subjects you have enrolled in.
  6. In Blackboard, you will also be able to choose the group in the subject that you would like to join (if applicable). You can select a group by navigating to the Groups tab, which you can find at the top of the page within your course tile.

Need help with enrolment?

After attempting the above enrolment steps, if you are still unable to enrol, please contact 1800 251 849 or email Our friendly team will guide you through the enrolment process, but note we are unable to enrol you as you are responsible for your enrolment, as enrolling in subjects attracts academic and financial liability.

Withdrawing from a subject or your course:

The census date is the last day from which students can withdraw from a subject without academic penalty; and are eligible for a refund of tuition fees, subject to an administration fee of $350 for the first subject of enrolment and $100 for each additional subject.

Withdrawal after the census date will attract a zero refund of tuition fees and result in a fail grade for the affected subject/s.

The census date is a legislative requirement for all registered Higher Education Providers, which is at least 20% after the start of semester (usually the end of week three after the semester commences). Data on student enrolments after the census date is reported to the federal government as part of Governance Institute’s legislative requirements as a registered Institute of Higher Education.