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Advanced Standing

What is Advanced Standing?

Advanced Standing provides credit or an exemption for subjects in our postgraduate courses, which means you will not need to study a certain subject/s based on recognition of prior learning and/or professional work experience if you are granted Advanced Standing. Advanced Standing may be granted based on:

  • Formal learning: completed studies at a recognised University or higher education institution in Australia and recognised international institutions that Governance Institute deems equivalent in content, currency, and academic rigour to subjects offered in our postgraduate courses; and/or
  • Credentialed / Informal learning: courses undertaken within the workplace, professional organisations, or registered training organisations and demonstrative skills learning gained from work experience that the Governance Institute considers to be equivalent in terms of professional learning, work experience and currency to subjects offered in our postgraduate courses.

What is the limit for Advanced Standing?

A maximum of two (2) subjects may be granted for Advanced Standing towards the:

A list of subjects for which you may be eligible for Advanced Standing is available on the Subject information page.

Not all subjects are open to an application for Advanced Standing. All students must study the Corporate Governance subject, and any student undertaking the qualifying program for Chartered Secretary must study the Corporate Accountability: Meetings and Disclosure subject or the Public Sector Accountability and Transparency subject.

Note: Students who complete the Graduate Certificate of Applied Corporate Governance & Risk Management from Governance Institute of Australia will receive credit for the four (4) subjects they completed in this award if they later apply to the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

Students in this scenario will forfeit their Graduate Certificate qualification if they successfully complete the Graduate Diploma qualification, as the Graduate Diploma is the higher-level course.

Refer to our Advanced Standing Policy for specific details about eligibility and the process for Advanced Standing.

How do I apply for Advanced Standing?

You are strongly encouraged to apply for Advanced Standing at the same time you apply for admission to a Governance Institute postgraduate course, and no later than two weeks prior to the census date for the semester. Students who apply post-admission or those awaiting for the outcome of their Advanced Standing application are advised to not enrol in subjects for which they have submitted an Advanced Standing application, in case the application is successful. Refer to the key dates page for census dates.

To apply:

  1. Check Subject outlines to determine which subject you are planning to apply for Advanced Standing.
  2. Complete an online Application for Advanced Standing Form (supporting documentation is required such as outlines of subjects you have previously completed (formal study) or a full CV and details of work experience, professional development activities, etc. Refer to our Advanced Standing Guidelines for details).
    You are strongly encouraged to submit your Advanced Standing application when you submit your online Application for Admission Form for the course to ensure your enrolment is correct for the semester.
    Applications will not be accepted after 2 weeks prior to the census date for the semester.
  3. Governance Institute will assess your application against our Advanced Standing Policy.
    Applicants will be advised by Governance Institute in writing of their application outcome by email, usually within 2 weeks from their application submission date, and no later than the census date for the semester.
  4. Check your course structure for the Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma and ensure you do not enrol in subjects for which you have been granted Advanced Standing.

Supporting documentation will include:

  • Details of a subject content or outlines from your previous institution if your Advanced Standing application is based on tertiary level studies completed elsewhere (formal learning); and / or
  • Current full Curriculum Vitae and/or completed subject mapping of the work experience document for the applicable subject, evidence of membership or registration details with a professional body or associations if your Advanced Standing application is based on professional work experience (credentialed/informal learning).
  • Applicants who did not complete the above within an English-speaking country will be asked to provide evidence of English Language Proficiency.

Complete the Advanced Standing form here