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Pilot Mentor Program (WA only)

The Governance Institute of Australia provides the opportunity for graduates of the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management to gain professional guidance and practical knowledge from experienced Fellow members.

Mentoring is a critical component in supporting our members to succeed after their studies, both by developing their key skills, and by fostering healthy relationships and perspective on the industry. Our aim is to support members to develop networks within the profession and provide exposure to the practicalities of a career in governance.

Governance Institute’s 6-month pilot mentor program will be complimentary for graduates who are our members and will be supported by our Fellow members volunteering their time, knowledge and experience.

Benefits of become a mentee

  • Support in using qualification effectively
  • Guidance to navigate and advance in career
  • Support with setting and achieving goals
  • Opportunity for skill development and new knowledge
  • Networking opportunities
  • Meaningful professional relationship that could lead to future opportunities
  • Certificate of Completion

Benefits of becoming a mentor

  • Opportunity to nurture new talent
  • Opportunities to develop leadership, communication, and other soft skills
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Raised self-esteem and fulfilment that comes from giving back to one’s profession
  • Opportunity to network with other mentors

Mentee Criteria

Mentee’s must:

  • be a financial member of the Governance Institute of Australia, from WA
  • have graduated from a Governance Institute of Australia Graduate Diploma course between 2019-2023.

Mentor Criteria

Mentor’s must:

  • be a Fellow member of the Governance Institute of Australia


Jan 2024 – Applications Open

9 Feb 2024 – Virtual launch Workshop

5 July 2024 – Networking event to close program


Participants must:

  • attend the virtual introduction workshop and in person closing networking event.
  • prioritise commitment to always meet with mentor/ mentee at agreed upon times.
  • be receptive to feedback.
  • be respectful of mentor/mentee.
  • Maintain Chatham House Rules.

Due to an expected high number of applications, and limited pairs in this pilot program, not everyone will get matched this round, however we will endeavor to have you join us for next year’s program.


Apply to be a mentor    |   Apply to be a mentee


Please click here to view our FAQ’s and here to view our Terms and Conditions.  

If you have any questions, please email