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Governance Essentials for Health Care

Course Outline
Governance in healthcare is paramount as it ensures the effective and ethical management of resources, promotes transparency, and upholds accountability to stakeholders. Good governance practices facilitate strategic decision-making, mitigate risks, and enhance the quality of care delivered to patients and consumers. By establishing clear roles and responsibilities for governing bodies, healthcare organisations can navigate complex regulatory environments while fostering trust among patients and consumers, staff, and the community. Ultimately, strong governance structures are essential for maintaining the integrity and reputation of healthcare institutions, driving continuous improvement, and achieving sustainable long-term success in delivering healthcare services.


The aim of the course is to explain what health and aged care governance is, the legislative and regulatory frameworks, and how these impact a healthcare practice environment.


The objectives of this course are to:


  • • Define governance
  • • Introduce the principles of health and aged care governance.
  • • Detail the importance of enterprise governance in the healthcare sector in relation to organisational performance.
  • • Identify key legislative and regulatory frameworks, including standards for care and service provision, of both the healthcare sector and the aged care sector.
  • • Introduce the aged care reform agenda and its implications for governance.