Tailored governance solutions

Good governance should not be confined to the boardroom —if an organisation wishes to achieve optimal performance, it must cascade throughout the organisation.

Whole-of-organisation governance enables the board and management to ensure that the actions and decisions of all individuals within the organisation are directed at common goals.  It links roles, authorities and accountabilities with strategic objectives and empowers good decision-making, while clarifying which matters are ‘off-limits’.  The result is greater effectiveness and ‘on-strategy’ achievement, better-quality decision-making, and reduced risk.

Governance Institute champions this approach by offering tailored governance solutions for people across all levels of your organisation, from directors to entry-level governance professionals. Our tailored governance solutions provide your organisation with a holistic, cost-effective approach to governance and risk management training.


  • Enhance your organisation’s governance and risk management capabilities in an aligned, strategic way.
  • Minimise risks, align decision-making and improve your organisation’s performance.
  • Receive a cost-effective and efficient ‘one-stop shop’ solution for all your governance and risk management professional development needs.
  • Participants receive a world-class education with access to leading practice content that can be applied on the job straightaway. 
  • A tailored solution based on your organisation’s identified governance and risk management training needs.

What your organisation will receive

Governance Institute provides a fully tailored governance and risk management solution for your organisation, which includes the following:

An online survey called Governance Intelligence® Health Check that can be delivered to a number of employees within an organisation. This is a diagnostic test that can be used to identify your organisation's risk and governance needs across all levels of your business.

Postgraduate courses drawn from the accredited, comprehensive suite of courses offered by Governance Institute. Clients can choose from either the private or public sector streams.

  Short courses and Certificates that place a strong emphasis on applied aspects of the different postgraduate programs. These are industry-recognised qualifications that give students practical knowledge that can be applied immediately.

In-house training programs that enable all employees to get the same training and talk the same language. These programs provide flexible learning for people who cannot escape the office.

Workshops and conferences allow employees to engage with topical issues. Our annual conferences include National Conference, Corporate Governance Forum and Risk Symposium and provide attendees with an opportunity to hear the latest developments in the governance and risk management field.

Subscriber packages that provide leading practice content about new developments within the governance and risk management arenas.


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