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The introduction of The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the biggest social reform in the history of Australia. By providing consumer choice, NDIS is creating new demands for all disability services providers. Not only do providers need to rethink their business models to survive in this new market-style disability service system, they must now adapt their organisational  governance and risk management, principles and practices to meet the NDIS demands.

In conjunction with the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health, we have developed two new courses — NDIS Governance Essentials and NDIS Risk Management Essentials — to assist providers in meeting the challenge of governing and managing risk in the new environment.

Completing the courses will enable you to:

  • appreciate why governance is important, particularly within the NDIS context
  • comprehend the roles of governing bodies (boards) and the company secretary’s role
  • understand risk management in an organisational context, particularly for NDIS service providers and the risks associated with funding changes, systemic reforms and evolving changes to these models combined with the uncertainty that these changes bring
  • recognise the benefits of effective governance and risk management in terms of business opportunity and strategy.

Proudly presented in conjunction with Queensland Alliance for Mental Health.

Queensland Alliance for Mental Health

This short course counts towards one of our CertificatesCertificate in Governance Practice or Certificate in Governance and Risk Management.

If you successfully complete a Governance Institute Certificate, you will be eligible to apply for Certificated membership and use our nationally-recognised postnominals.

Course prices:

  • $475.00 Member
  • $555.00 Subscriber
  • $585.00 Non-member

We are pleased to invite Members of Queensland Alliance for Mental Health to register at the Subscriber rate. To obtain the discount please contact Queensland Alliance for Mental Health to register.

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