Governance in Sport

Lead your sport organisation to new heights with Working in Sport Essentials

Governance in sport is a specialised area with its own unique challenges. Working in sports essentials provides fundamental governance knowledge for anyone involved in a sports organisation or team, including:

  • grassroots volunteers
  • committee members and directors of sports clubs
  • managers and executives of sports organisations.

This online course is delivered in partnership with etrainu across seven modules. It will give you a broad understanding of governance and the confidence to carryout good governance practices in your role.

  • Module 1: Introduction to governance
  • Module 2: Why is governance important?
  • Module 3: The function of the board
  • Module 4: Duties of the board
  • Module 5: Financial management 
  • Module 6: Meetings and current issues
  • Module 7: The board performance assessment

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