Mark Anning, Group Company Secretary and General Counsel at Vita Group Limited

Brisbane Area, Australia

This course is for those with an interest in obtaining both a theoretical and practical grounding in current ‘best’ practice governance, risk and company secretarial training. The course is presented by top rate academics and practitioners, and gives you the confidence to be able to advise not just on the ‘if not’ but also the ‘why not’, and to become a trusted adviser to your board.

Matt Burrows, Non-Executive Director at CAN WA

Perth Area, Australia

This course has enabled me to manage with confidence and lead with insight. I can now speak the business language fluently and feel my days of being a jack of all trades and master of none are over. A great precursor for those considering an MBA later. Also great opportunities for networking and access to ongoing PD.

Anthony Connell, General Manager at JFE Steel

Brisbane Area, Australia

Every subject in the course provides a new focus, and an immediate application. It reminds me of learning a new language, where as soon as you learn a new word it then seems to leap out at you in every conversation that follows. It's the same with the graduate diploma — as soon as a course would introduce a new concept, be it legal — or risk- or compliance —related, that concept would immediately arise in my job. Now I can 'speak the language' of governance.

Nicolas Crowhurst, Managing Director at The Collaboratus Group

Melbourne Area, Australia

I found the Grad. Dip. a thorough and in-depth course which gave me as much as I wanted to put into it. The study materials and methodology was flexible to suit my available time and the additional reading was informative and very useful over and above the core documentation. It is an invaluable qualification for me.

Paul Dixon, Company Secretary at Shape Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

Halifax, Canada Area

Governance Institute's Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance is an essential course for people pursuing a career in corporate governance or who have recently become a company secretary or director. I found the workshop approach extremely helpful, with facilitators providing a good mix of practical and professional experience.

Jane McAloon, Strategic & Corporate Advisory/Non Executive Director

Melbourne Area, Australia

Any professional who wants to demonstrate their commitment to capable governance and administration, and establish a solid foundation for their career, should consider the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance.

Peter McGee, Senior Manager, Risk & Security Services at Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Sydney Area, Australia

I completed the course several years ago and find that the course content remains applicable and useful. The standard of presenters and subject contents is very high and the information very practically based. The course will complement a variety careers and assist progression. Membership of Governance Institute assists us to maintain valuable professional knowledge and allow participation in the ongoing discussion of governance within a knowledgable community.

Ron Milne, General Manager — Finance & Operations at Enware Australia Pty Limited

Sydney Area, Australia

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very relevant and provided a good understanding of the role and responsibilities of a company secretary as well as all the current issues around risk and governance.

Evan Nunn, Principal Consultant at The Jenuien Group

Perth Area, Australia

I studied governance as part of my CPA and then felt I needed to learn more and have access to practical resources and knowledge. Governance Institute provided challenging academic perspectives and put information into context using relevant and recent situations in commerce, clearly explaining the law and compliance requirements. Importantly the tools and ongoing support provided by Governance Institute is backed by dedicated and professional people.

Jim Parke, Councillor at City of Boroondara

Melbourne Area, Australia

The course is delivered through tutorials which engage students and stimulate sustained interest in the areas taught. Course material is current, interesting and relevant, enabling students to achieve significant learning outcomes. The lecturers are accomplished professionals, committed to maintaining academic rigour and the high standards of the Institute.

Kris Trott, General Manager at QUT Enterpise Holdings Pty Ltd (QEH)

Brisbane Area, Australia

Governance Institute's Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance is comprehensive and will provide the governance professional with the training required to be at the top of their game. This qualification is invaluable for executives who want to either be on a Board or in a senior role that reports to a Board.

Matthew Watts, Director at Homes Out West

New South Wales, Australia

Excellent source of knowledge of both the company secretary role but corporate governance and risk management generally. Course is well structured, and the distance/online delivery method is very flexible and works well for balancing study with work.

Troy Williams, Mentor, UniSA Business Career Mentor Program 2014 at University of South Australia

Perth Area, Australia

Governance Institute invest a great deal of time and effort in ensuring the quality of the Graduate Diploma is first rate and a valuable addition to the skill set and qualifications of governance professionals.


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