Annual conferences

Each year we run a series of one or half-day conferences, designed to bring anyone involved in governance up-to-speed on the latest legal, regulatory and governance issues.

Not-for-profit Governance Forum

Collaboration within the Not-for-Profit sector is the key to success in an increasingly austere economy. And our masters of governance and risk management will provide tips, tools and techniques to enable you to put your knowledge in practice.

Governance and Risk Management Forum

Come together with like-minded professionals and address the latest issues shaping the governance and risk management landscape — framing strategy, practice and culture for people, process and technology. This conference is held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Hear from the respected voices in governance and risk management and be empowered with market-leading knowledge and skills to help to tackle the challenges that you face in your role.

National Conference

National Conference is Australia’s pinnacle event for any governance or risk professional to network and explore the latest developments impacting their role across the Listed, Unlisted, SME and NPF space. Our conference focuses on whole-of-organisation governance and brings together business leaders, directors, c-suite, senior management, company sectaries, governance professionals and risk managers. This is your opportunity to hear from the Australian and international experts and expand your thinking to make strategic leadership decisions.

National Risk Management Forum 

National Risk Management Forum brings together Australia’s leading risk management professionals. Attendees of this content-rich event leave armed with the latest risk tools, tips and strategic thinking. This is a must-attend event in the calendar of any professional with operational risk management responsibilities wanting to excel their professional development and grow their network of valuable peers.​

Public Sector Governance Forum

The Public Sector Governance Forum explores the most current, relevant and sometimes controversial issues in governance and risk management facing individuals and public sector entities. It is held in selected cities and programs are tailored specifically to address relevant state, federal and local government topics. Attendees at the forum will gain practical knowledge that can be applied in the workplace as well as an overview of the major concerns and key focus areas for the public sector via the presentations from experts. Run from September through to October in several states, the forum is essential professional development for anyone involved in governance in the public sector.

Annual Governance Masterclass

An annual feature event providing a unique opportunity for governance professionals who want to take their understanding of key issues a step further, the Annual Governance Masterclass is designed for senior managers and directors. It is an advanced one-day program delivering an in-depth examination of hot topics. Experienced senior governance practitioners lead the discussion and participants workshop issues in Sydney.

Risk and Governance Masterclass

This one-day event brings together expert practitioners and advisers to share the benefit of their experience and knowledge in risk and governance practice. Topics cover the gamut of issues facing governance professionals as they implement strategic risk management into their operations. Benchmark your organisation’s risk management performance as you interact with presenters and colleagues in this essential group event.

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Corporate governance practices are an important component of market integrity. Company secretaries are at the front line in maintaining Australia's outstanding reputation for capital markets' integrity. Belinda Gibson, former Deputy Chair, Australian Securities & Investments Commission