Improving Organisational Performance

This half day workshop is designed to explore the crucial issues in achieving sustained, superior organisational performance.

In particular, we examine the following areas:

  • How effective is the board in determining, influencing and monitoring organisational performance?
  • Is the board’s perception of organisational performance in sync with management’s? Does perception reflect reality? Are there any blind spots?
  • How can the board more effectively assist management in achieving sustained, superior organisational performance?

In this course, you will:

  • gain insights into how to critically review strategic directions for alignment with addressing organisational challenges and priorities, and to add value
  • understand how a board may use indicators and influencing factors to monitor and support improved organisational performance
  • recognise how business judgments are able to be made which optimise benefits, minimise costs and risks of various strategic options for improving performance and objectively assess current and future performance
  • reflect on the importance of an appropriate ´tone at the top’ in balancing short and long-term performance within agreed risk-taking tolerances
  • discuss topical issues, such as the extent to which boards may place reliance on advice, including the professionalism of managers to perform and the results of performance evaluations and audits.

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