Duties of Officers and Directors

Available face-to-face and as an online course

This half-day course covers the core duties and responsibilities of officers and directors.

Through this course, you will:

  • develop a sound understanding of the core duties of officers and directors, and the important difference between directing and managing
  • gain insight and information from expert presenters on a range of case studies where directors’ duties were breached and the corresponding case law that has arisen in the area
  • expand your knowledge of effective corporate governance practices and disclosure requirements.

This course is recommended for all senior managers, officers and directors.

Why should I complete this course? 

There’s an emphasised need for directors and other company officers to have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and the practice of good governance.

Recent court decisions concerning the duties of officers and directors have highlighted the inherent risks involved in acting as a company officer or director. Governance practice has never been more scrutinised by the regulators, the courts and the general public.

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