Quick start Certificates (core short courses)

Start your learning journey with a Quick Start — the four foundational short courses of a Governance Institute Certificate. Quick Starts are delivered as online learning and you will have six months to complete.

Quick Starts will address the core areas associated with governance and risk management, you will receive a ‘certificate of completion’ (if requested) for each short course you complete which you can add to your resume and formalise your understanding of principles, frameworks and best practice methodology.

Quick starts are the first step in completing a Certificate which is the gateway to membership with Governance Institute and receiving industry-recognised postnominals GIA(Affiliated). Upon completion of the Quick Start you will have another six months to complete two electives of your choice to gain a Certificate in either Governance Practice, Governance and Risk Management or Governance for Not-for-Profits.

Please click on this link to view your elective options.

Who should complete our courses?

Whether you are new to the industry, a new company secretary, experienced C-suite executive or an executive assistant in any sector — you’ll be equipped with the right skills and tools to support good governance and risk management practices in your role. There are no pre-requisites to study.

What’s in it for you?

  • Understand the core concepts of governance and risk management
  • Gain practical knowledge and skills that you can readily apply in your workplace.
  • Strengthen your current position or launch a new career in governance or risk management.
  • Make a valued contribution to governance practices in your organisation.
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