Graduate Certificate of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management

About this course

Our Graduate Certificate of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management provides a foundation in the study of governance and risk management. It is suitable for professionals working in both the private and public sectors. The learning outcomes for this course are to:

  • Conceptualise knowledge of the theories and principles related to the legal regulation of governance and risk compliance, and appropriate strategic approaches;
  • Critically appraise and apply corporate governance principles, as well as best practices in risk management for the board of organisations;
  • Identify and critically evaluate sources of finance with their associated risks and returns;
  • Evaluate the impact of corporate conduct, behaviours and culture on risk and compliance management practices.

Why study this course?

When you complete this course, you will be:

  • The driving force for strong applied corporate governance and risk management practices;
  • Able to confidently fulfil your responsibilities as a highly regarded and qualified 'risk and governance professional';
  • Able to improve your financial literacy and enhance your skills to make informed financial decisions to deliver financially well-considered business outcomes;
  • Able to develop the best risk management strategies for your organisation by having in-depth knowledge about: legal, regulatory and compliance requirements including the Corporations Act 2001 and ASX Listing Rules frameworks and approaches to manage complex risk issues.
  • In a competitive position to boost your earnings potential and give yourself a competitive edge in your career.
  • Able to join a network of leading risk managers, governance professionals and business leaders.

Course structure:

Students complete four (4) subjects to a total of 40 credit points based on their sector of employment or interest (private or public sector). 

Graduate Certificate of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management  
Private sector Public sector
Applied Corporate Law Public Law and Government
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance
Finance for Decision Making Finance for Decision Making
Risk and Compliance Risk and Compliance

Students may complete these subjects in the order of their choice. However, commencing with Applied Corporate Law or Public Law and Government is recommended. Subject outlines are available by clicking on the above subject links or from our subject outlines page.

How and when do I study?

Our postgraduate courses and all subjects are offered in the online study mode at Governance Institute. Online study complements our student demographic who are predominately mid-senior-level professionals who work full-time and study our courses part-time. Online study provides convenience and flexibility. The subject assessments are also conducted online.

Online study is conducted via our Online Learning Centre (OLC) and typically involves attending two (2) hours per week of live classes (a one-hour lecture and a one-hour discussion) for 12 weeks each semester where you will view your lecturer and other classmates on camera; all live classes are recorded and available in the OLC for reference. All subject materials (except textbooks) are available on the OLC for each week of learning.

When do I study? Timetable information is available on the key dates and fees page.

Additional information


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Course duration:

The Graduate Certificate is offered either full-time or part-time. You will typically take between 1-2 years to finish this course. You are expected to enrol in each semester after you commence your course. A maximum of three (3) years is permitted. A maximum of two leave of absence (LOA) sessions may be permitted from your semester of commencement.

Completion after one year requires the completion of four subjects over two semesters. Completing in two years requires the completion of four subjects over four semesters.

We offer two semesters each year, commencing in March and August.


Each subject requires students to commit to:

  • Attending two (2) timetabled hours of classes per week over 12 taught weeks;
  • Ten (10) personal study hours per taught week (preparing for classes by completing readings, and assessment preparation (the presentation and assignment); and
  • Twenty (20) personal study hours for examination preparation (noting the final examination is weighted at 50% of the total subject).

Please consider these requirements carefully when deciding on your subject load against your professional and personal commitments. For students who work full-time and who are commencing the course, we recommended enrolment in one (1) subject per semester and a subject load of no more than two (2) subjects per semester for all other students.

Students are expected to maintain satisfactory progress by passing all subjects as they progress through their course. Students who fail to make academic progress may have restrictions imposed on further enrolment or may be identified as “at-risk” students, who will be notified and supported as Governance Institute deems appropriate under our Progression and Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Each subject in this course comprises three assessment items. Refer to the Assessment page for details

How to apply

Refer to our easy postgraduate course Admissions Process.  

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