Corporate Governance

This subject ties together the full range of legal, managerial and ethical issues that affect corporate governance best practice. It identifies the best practice principles that students can apply in their own corporate or governmental situations. It builds upon the knowledge of the law and its practical application gained from Applied Corporate Law OR Public Law and Government.

Learning outcomes

  1. Research and critically apply the growing global, regional and local information sources on corporate governance
  2. Justify and promote awareness of, and be responsible for continuing self and personnel development on corporate governance themes
  3. Apply the concepts of disclosure in terms of accountability, transparency, corporate social responsibility, ethical standards and sustainability in governance
  4. Critically appraise and apply corporate governance principles and best practices in risk management for the board in the employing or client organisation
  5. Exercise appropriate judgement in the use of professional knowledge and skills to the resolution of practical issues and problems in the proper governance of the employing or client organisation.

Indicative content

  • Elements of corporate governance
  • Role and function of boards
  • Board performance assessment
  • Composition of the boards
  • Board structures
  • Shareholder influence and rights
  • Ethics and governance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Director and executive remuneration
  • International models of corporate governance
  • Sector models of corporate governance
  • Review and exam preparation

Required texts


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