Corporate Accountability: Meetings and Disclosure

This subject is designed for the corporate sector and provides a highly practical review of key issues relating to company secretarial practice and the rules of company meetings and their application with particular reference to ASX Listing Rules and governance principles. It also builds upon the subject Applied Corporate Law or equivalent university studies undertaken by law graduates.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the role of the corporate secretary and the differing responsibilities of the corporate secretary, the board, management, shareholders, auditors and other stakeholders under corporate law
  2. Recognise the nature and principles of the corporate’s regulatory requirements of company law and securities exchange rules and the practical requirements of ensuring compliance
  3. Exercise appropriate judgement to advise the board on the expectations of and compliance with regulatory requirements of corporate law and securities exchange rules
  4. Understand the legal requirements and corporate governance objectives of company meetings and be able to effect the corporate secretarial role in conducting meetings that comply with these requirements and objectives.


  • Operating context and governance framework
  • Role of the company secretary or governance professional
  • Records and reporting
  • Managing knowledge and information
  • ASX and listing
  • ASX market integrity and corporate governance
  • Membership and share capital
  • Principles of meetings
  • Directors’ meetings
  • Convening general meetings
  • Conducting annual general meetings and other meetings
  • Review and exam preparation

Required texts

Lang A, 2015, Horsley’s Meetings: Procedure, Law and Practice, 7th ed, LexisNexis.

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