Applied Corporate Law

This subject is the point of entry to the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance for students coming from the private sector, and provides a detailed examination of the Corporations Act 2001 as it applies to corporate administration, compliance and governance.

Learning outcomes

  1. Conceptualise knowledge of the theories and principles related to the management and regulation of commercial organisations
  2. Give a reasoned opinion on the types of corporate structures available to a variety of types of organisations and their appropriateness
  3. Critically appraise the legal and other issues arising in complex scenarios and apply relevant law such as under the relevant legislation in jurisdiction
  4. Critically examine the impact of the external regulatory environment on the operation and structure of commercial organisations
  5. Demonstrate and exercise appropriate judgement on presenting advice on commercial and legal issues in a relevant form

Indicative content

  • Legislative framework
  • The registration process and corporate authority
  • The corporate constitution
  • Directors’ and officers’ duties — Part 1
  • Directors’ and officers’ duties — Part 2
  • Members’ rights and remedies
  • Corporate fundraising
  • Equity fundraising and market misconduct
  • Reporting and disclosure
  • Dealing with ASIC
  • Reconstructions and external administration
  • Applying corporate theory to practice

Required texts

LexisNexis’ loose-leaf service Australian Corporation Practice (ACP); Thomson Reuters’ Australian Corporations Legislation

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