Assessment components

There are three compulsory assessment components (presentation, assignment and examination) for all subjects other than the Risk Management Project subject.

Students must attain an aggregated mark of 50 per cent for their total assessment requirements in order to pass each subject. To pass a subject, a student must attain an aggregated presentation, assignment and exam mark of not less than 50 per cent and an exam mark that is not less than 40 per cent.

The presentation and the assignment are both compulsory pieces of assessment. In order to pass the subject, you must submit a recorded presentation and a written answer to the assignment, which, in the opinion of the Executive Manager — Education, demonstrates a genuine attempt to pass the presentation and the assignment.

The assessment for the Risk Management Project subject consists of a project presentation and brief (worth 30 per cent) and a risk report (worth 70 per cent). Both assessment components are compulsory.

For non-award students, assessment is optional. However, if you later wish to complete any of the postgraduate courses, assessment is mandatory.

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Dates and results

Semester 1, 2019

  • Presentation due date — Tuesday, 16 April
  • Assignment due date  Tuesday, 7 May 
  • Exam date  week commencing Monday, 17 June 
Risk Management Project subject only
  • Risk Management Project presentation and brief due date — Tuesday, 2 April
  • Risk Management Project risk report due date — Tuesday, 18 June 

Semester 2, 2019

  • Presentation due date — Tuesday, 17 September
  • Assignment due date  Tuesday, 8 October 
  • Exam date  week commencing Monday, 18 November
Risk Management Project subject only
  • Risk Management Project presentation and brief due date — Tuesday, 3 September
  • Risk Management Project risk report due date — Tuesday, 18 November


  • The main examination for all states will be held on the Tuesday of the examination week. Examinations held on this day are primarily held in the evening.
  • Students sitting more than one examination will have arrangements made to sit the additional paper on another day during the designated examination week.


  • Semester results will be released approximately five weeks after the examination week and will be accessible on your academic record via Governance Institute’s website.
  • Students will be notified by email when results are available.

Examination venues

Exam venues are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

On request, Governance Institute will make arrangements for students outside these capital cities to sit exams at a local university or TAFE. These candidates will be required to pay the institution’s exam supervision fee directly.


Prizes for academic excellence are awarded each semester in most subjects at both a national and state level and are recognised at graduation and awards events held in each state. A list of prize winners is posted to Governance Institute's digital journal, Governance Directions.

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