Postgraduate student at risk policy

1.0 Introduction

1.1 The purpose of this policy is:

  • to identify students at risk of not completing their enrolled course. 
  • to detail the support provided to students 

This policy is primarily concerned with students who have a pattern of frequent failure in, or non completion of the assessment components of their enrolled subjects.

2.0 Identification of students at risk

Key factors that indicate students may be at risk are:

2.1 Students who have not completed or failed assessment components of more than one subject.

2.2 Students who have failed the same subject twice.

2.3 Students who are at risk of not completing the enrolled course within the course completion period.

3.0 Student support

3.1 Students at risk (see above list) are identified by the Course Director, Governance Institute education staff and course advisors throughout the teaching cycle.

3.2 Students have available to them a variety of assessment resources to assist them with assignment writing and exam preparation, eg videos, guides, sample exams.

3.3 Students are encouraged to discuss any academic issues with their Course Directors and/or education staff/course advisors and have access to all via email, phone or in person.

3.4 Students who are struggling to complete the assessment components for their subject have the option to extend their study into the next consecutive semester with full online support. See the Subject Completion Policy.

3.5 Students who have failed the subject will be given full online support when preparing to resit the assessment component(s).

3.6 An intervention strategy will be put in place for students identified as being at risk

  • Counselling session organized with the Course Director and/or education staff/course advisors. 
  • Determine if English language proficiency is adequate. If not please refer to the English Language Proficiency policy. 
  • Reduce study load for next semester where possible and consult the local course advisor for guidance with future subject selection. 
  • Engage tutor support (at student’s cost).
Version Approved by Date
1.0 National Director, Education & Training 1 May 2014

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