Refund policy

1.0 Introduction 

This policy applies to all students enrolled in any of the postgraduate courses or as a non-award student, regardless of their current status. 

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for granting refunds of enrolment fees, cancellation of enrolments and transfer requests. 

2.0 Subject enrolment fees 

2.1 Enrolment fees will not be fully refunded if a student withdraws after the enrolment confirmation email has been sent, except under the following circumstances: 

  • where, due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control such as acts of government authorities, riots or environmental disasters, the student is prevented from studying a subject. 
  • where Governance Institute of Australia cancels a subject or study mode in which the student has enrolled. 

2.2 If a student has enrolled in one or more subjects and is seeking a refund for enrolment fees, a notice of withdrawal must be given in writing within ten (10) business days of the commencement of semester. 

2.3 All fees (less an administration fee based on the scale in Table 1) will be refunded on confirmation of approved refund request. 

Table 1: Refund scale

Number of subjects withdrawn Total administration fee (AUD)
One (1) subject $350
Two (2) subjects $450 
Three (3) subjects $550
Four (4) Subjects  $650
Five (5) subjects $750
Six (6) subjects $850


2.4 Students who are eligible for a refund (less administration fee) will only be processed upon National Director, Education & Training approval. 

2.5 Refunds will only be granted within ten (10) business days of the commencement of semester, other than in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the National Director, Education & Training. 

2.6 All refund payments will be made in Australian Dollars and will be remitted into the credit card that the payment was drawn from. If the enrolment fee was not paid by credit card, then the refund will be remitted into a nominated bank account. 

3.0 Transfers/second semester extension 

3.1 Prior to Semester commencing, students in the first semester of study for a subject would be eligible to: 

  • transfer the subject enrolment to the next consecutive semester, OR 
  • change the mode of study in the current semester, OR 
  • change the subject in the current semester

without penalty, only if the subject is offered and there are places available for their preferred mode of study for the selected subject. If the materials folder has been ordered and dispatched, students must return the materials folder in good condition before the new materials folder is dispatched. 

3.2 Once semester has commenced, eligible students may only apply to extend their enrolment to the next consecutive semester for a fee of $300 per subject, as long as they meet the requirements stipulated in the Subject Completion Policy

4.0 Notification requirements 

Version Approved by Date
2.3 National Director, Education & Training 14 August 2017

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