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We are proud to support and partner with events to drive good governance practice and empower those responsible for governance and risk management.

Upcoming partnered events

DISRUPT BAU (Business As Usual) — Sydney CBD

DISRUPT BAU is a series of in-depth, disruptive panel discussions with senior leaders and experts that challenges the role of business in our society. Our very own Acting CEO, Meegan George will be facilitating the Leadership in Action discussion.

Brought to you by Humanity In Business, this series identifies what it will take for business leaders to regain trust of the consumer and other stakeholders as well as what are the actions we have to collectively take as a business community to regain the social license to operate.

Series discussions

  • Is this just another piece of management speak?
  • Is this just CSR under another name?
  • Is shifting the focus to customer-centricity just going to cause problems down the track in the same way that explanations that execs and boards are focused on shareholder-centricity has caused  indifference to how profits are generated?
  • How can companies demonstrate that their purpose is to contribute to the well-being of society?
  • How do they begin to have the internal conversation that allows them to work out what their purpose is? What do leaders need to understand/learn/know to kick-start this?

For 40 years markets have had the view that companies are there to make money and do nothing but make money. In Royal Commission hearings, the view was put out that boards and execs involved in misconduct were in the search for shareholder returns, but this is misguided, as shareholders do not want misconduct and do not want to be penalised for it. How do companies take the opportunity to create wealth by being of service to society and not seeing company activity as an opportunity to appropriate wealth by exploiting society? 

  • Shifting from ‘Can we do this?’ to ‘Should we do this?
  • How do leaders shift the dial internally to get the team to consider the consequences and implications of their proposals/decisions rather than simply whether they can execute them?
  • What needs to happen to remuneration frameworks and incentive structures to

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