Legal Practice Board of WA CPD

Governance Institute short courses are now mapped to Legal Practice Board of WA (LPBWA) Areas of Competency.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours specified include training hours (either face-to-face attendance a short course or online completion of a short course, plus allowance for review of course materials in preparation for the exam, and completion of the online exam (one attempt). A maximum of 5 CPD hours per course is allowed. Some courses attract less than 5 LPBWA CPD hours.

CPD hours shown also constitute structured CPD hours in accordance with the Governance Institute of Australia CPD requirements.

No CPD hours are available for Area of Competency 2: Professional Skills.

Requirements for approval as a QA provider:

Governance Institute training is conducted by persons who are qualified by practical or academic experience in the subject or subjects covered in the activity. All of our instructors are members of a professional body and have experience in the topic being covered. A full list of instructors is available upon request.

Each course is examined by an online multiple-choice exam consisting of 20 randomised questions from a bank of questions.

Appropriate arrangements have been made for maintaining and providing suitable and accurate records of attendance, including dealing with questions of privacy and the need for records to be made available to the Board for audit purposes. Attendance is recorded for face-to-face sessions in our customer management system, and online student activity is tracked in our Learning Management System.

Short Course

Competency Area 1:
Practice Management
Competency Area 3:
Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Competency Area 4:
Substantive Law
Accidental Company Secretary

Procedures, templates and manuals - 1.0 hrs

Statutory and regulatory obligations - 1.5 hrs

N/A Company Secretary role including legal responsibilities of the role - 2.5 hrs
Duties of Officers and Directors

Risk management - 1.5 hrs

Business Planning - 1.5 hrs

Statutory and regulatory obligations - 1.0 hrs

Ethics, Culture and Governance

Staff management and human resources - 1.0 hrs

Gender equity and diversity - 1.0 hrs

Conflicts of interest 1.0 Consideration of the role ethics play in corporate governance and how to instil a culture of acting lawfully and ethically - 2.0 hrs
Governance Essentials

Procedures, templates and manuals - 1.5 hrs

Statutory and regulatory obligations - 2.0 hrs

Governance and Risk Management

Risk management - 5.0 hrs

Legal Framework of Governance

Risk management - 1.0 hrs

  Definitions and legal frameworks that underpin corporate governance - 4.0 hrs
Meeting ASX Listing Rules Requirements N/A N/A Consideration of the ASX requirements for listed companies - 5.0 hrs
Meeting Compliance Requirements

Risk management - 2.0 hrs

WHS - 0.5 hrs

Procedures, templates and manuals - 0.5

N/A Consideration of the compliance requirements of an effective compliance framework - 2.0 hrs
Not-for-Profit Regulatory Compliance N/A N/A Consideration of the legal and regulatory requirements which apply to Not-for-Profit companies - 5.0 hrs
Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board N/A N/A Consideration of the role and responsibilities of Not-for-Profit boards or management committees and discussion of the legal duties of officers and directors - 5.0 hrs