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Recorded Webinar: Boards balancing shareholder and stakeholder ESG interests


Friday, 9 August 2019
8:00am to 8:00am

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As institutional investors and other stakeholders press companies on their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives, boards of directors can no longer look at short-term shareholder returns as the only metric for success. They have to address broader stakeholder interests and the need for a sustainable business model that goes beyond immediate financial returns.

While investors and analysts measure companies on their quarterly and year-end financial performance, activist shareholders and even shareholder lawsuits pose a threat to corporate strategic initiatives. The 2018 proxy season showed that investors are increasingly pressuring companies on ESG matters, including social and governance issues such as sexual misconduct and board diversity, as well as environmental issues like reducing greenhouse gases and commitments to renewable energy.  

With the rising tide of ESG initiatives, boards have to strike the right balance in addressing ESG issues while not forsaking profits. Experts from Nasdaq will be delving deeper into what boards can learn from those who have worked to achieve a balance between the needs of shareholders and the broader stakeholder community.  

Focus areas

  • Examine the 2018 proxy season and what to expect in 2019
  • How do you achieve a balance between the needs of shareholders and the broader stakeholder community?
  • How do you communicate this with the shareholders and proxy advisors?


Kellie Huennekens, Head of AMERS Governance, Nasdaq Center for Corporate Governance

Kevin Langdon, Senior Director, Nasdaq Corporate Solutions (APAC) 


Guy Gilead, Nasdaq Governance Solutions, APAC

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