Our policy priorities

These are our policy priorities to improve the standards of governance and risk management in Australia.

Promoting governance as the foundation of civil society

  • Raising awareness of the importance of the role of the governance and risk management professional
  • Advocating policy positions with government and regulators
  • Working partnerships with key national and international stakeholder groups — including ABA, AICD, ASA
  • Promoting excellence in governance and risk management
  • Educating Australia on good governance and risk management practices

Leading the debate on governance and risk management issue

  • Member of the ASX Corporate Governance Council 
  • Membership of the ICSA Thought Leadership Committee
  • Membership of the International Corporate Governance Network
  • Research and analysis of current and emerging governance issues
  • Providing in-depth analysis research leadership on governance issues
  • Speaking at relevant industry events to promote good governance and risk management practices

Advocating for fit-for-purpose business infrastructure

  • Adequately funded, accountable regulators
  • Modernising business registers project
  • ASX Listing rules
  • ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations
  • ASX CHESS replacement project
  • Submissions and recommendations on the financial services royal commission

Improving the regulatory environment to drive greater efficiency

  • Reducing regulatory complexity and red tape
  • Advising on the practical impacts of legislative reform — director identification numbers, anti-phoenixing, modern slavery
  • #fixfundraising campaign to support charitable fundraising law reform
  • Modernising and reforming the Corporations Act 2001 for the digital world
  • Ensure member representation and liaison with relevant regulatory and standard setting bodies – AASB, ACCC, ACNC, AHRC, ASIC, ASX and Standards Australia

Promoting ethics, integrity and accountability through good governance and risk management frameworks

  • Advocacy about the importance of governance and risk management in the private, not-for-profit (including aged care) and public sectors
  • Supporting Griffith University’s whistleblowing research project — Whistling while they work 2
  • Promoting the importance of an ethical framework to underpin the use of AI in Australia
  • Advocating for independent directors on superannuation boards

Empowering governance professionals with skills and knowledge

  • Thought leadership — research and analysis of current and emerging governance issues, such as disclosure of social and environmental risks, strategies for dealing with regulators, shareholder resolutions and minutes
  • Supporting the activities of our four policy committees
  • Provision of member resources — for example, Good Governance Guides and the climate change resources
  • Creating and disseminating publications including Risk management for directors, Ethics index, Adding value to governance in aged care, Guidelines: Whole-of-organisation governance

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