Governance Institute of Australia represents the views of members through submissions made from three member committees, the Legislation Review Committee, Corporate and Legal Issues Committee and the Public Sector Governance Committee.

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Title Submission to Date
Proposed Industry Funding Model for ASIC: Proposals Paper Treasury 16/12/16
Australian Consumer Law Review: Interim Report Treasury 9/12/16
ICGN Guidance on political lobbying and donations ICGN 8/12/16
Guiding Principles — Improving protections for whistleblowers Australian Bankers’ Association 9/11/16
NSW boards and committees: Consultation paper NSW Treasury 4/11/16
ASX’S Replacement of CHESS for Equity post-trade services: Business requirements: Consultation paper ASX 28/10/16
Consultation Paper: Review of the NZX Corporate Governance Code NZX 14/10/16
Consultation Paper 265: Communicating audit findings to directors, audit committees or senior managers ASIC 5/9/16
2017 Annual Information Statement: Public consultation paper ACNC 4/10/16
Remaking and repealing ASIC class orders and guidance on audit and financial reporting ASIC 12/9/16
Consumer Law Enforcement and Administration: Issues Paper Productivity Commission 30/8/16
Joint submission Governance Institute, AICD and JusticeConnect: Consumer Law Enforcement and Administration: Issues Paper Productivity Commission 30/8/16
Remaking and repealing ASIC class orders on markets and securities ASIC 10/8/16
Consultation on Regulatory Guide 87: Charitable investment schemes and school enrolment deposits ASIC 2/8/16
Further measures to facilitate innovation in financial services ASIC 14/7/16
Remaking and repealing class orders on rights issue notifications and money market deposits ASIC 14/7/16
Technology neutrality in company meeting notices and materials Treasury 16/6/16
Updating ASX’s admission requirements for listed entities: Consultation paper ASX 9/6/16
Improving bankruptcy and insolvency laws: Proposals paper Treasury 27/5/16
Australian Consumer Law Review: Issues Paper Treasury 27/5/16
Corporate law and governance imperatives for the next Federal Government Government and opposition 24/5/16
The Victorian Auditor-General: discussion paper Victorian Department of Premier & Cabinet 20/5/16
Clarifications to the non-capital Level 3 prudential standards APRA 12/5/16
ASX Settlement Non-Business Days: Policy Review ASX 21/4/16
Objective of superannuation: A discussion paper Treasury 5/4/16
Governance arrangements of not-for-profit superannuation funds The Fraser Governance Review  1/2/16
ICGN Global Stewardship Code ICGN 28/1/16



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