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Some content and features of the website are restricted to members, subscribers and other customers.

If you have had any previous dealings with Governance Institute then you will likely have a login account already.

You can login via the Login button in the black header navigation of every page, or via the dedicated login page:

You can use your Governance Institute ID or your email as the Username. Your Governance Institute ID is included on all emails and correspondence.

You can have the website retain your login across sessions by ticking 'Remember me?' when you login. We suggest you do not select the 'Remember me' function if you use a shared computer as other users of that computer would be able to access your account and personal details on this website.

If you have forgotten your password, the 'Forgotten password page' will send a one time link to your email allowing you to choose a new password: 

Your new password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least 1 alphabetical and 1 numerical character. This password protects your personal information and we therefore recommend that you use a strong password that is not readily associated with you. We also recommend that you do not use the same password across different websites.

My Governance Institute

You can access 'My Governance Institute' from the black header navigation of every page where you can:

  • Manage your profile: View and update the details that we have recorded about you including personal details, contact details, dietary and special requirements, authorised representatives who can deal with us on your behalf, job details and roles, areas of interests and communication preferences.
  • Change password
  • Invoice: View both paid and unpaid Invoices (for transactions since 31/10/2016). You can pay outstanding invoices including membership and subscriber renewals directly via credit card.
  • Online Learning Centre: If you are currently registered in a training or education course, you can access the Online Learning Centre.
  • Certificate academic record: View academic record relating to training courses and Certificates you have undertaken. 
  • Postgraduate academic record: View academic record relating to postgraduate education courses you have undertaken.

Online Learning Centre

The Online Learning Centre can be accessed via the Students tab on the Home page slider banner or under My Governance Institute.

The materials and options available in the Online Learning Centre are dependent on the training or education course you are undertaking and the mode of study. Some materials and options are available immediately, while others will only be accessible later, for instance, when the semester starts or the face-to-face training course commences.

It can take up to approximately 15 seconds to securely synchronise data and login to the Online Learning Centre each time you access the link.

You can view FAQs here.

Issues with PDF files

If you are experiencing problems viewing PDF files on the website or online learning centre, please refer to the following troubleshooting document.

Other issues

Some add-on popup blockers, ad blockers, toolbars and the like can interfere with the normal behaviour of web browsers and the website.

If you are experiencing problems:

  • try disabling non-standard add-ons installed in your web browser, or white-list '' and '' in these tools.
  • try accessing the site in 'private' (Firefox: File > New Private Window), 'incognito' (Chrome: File > New Incognito Window) or 'InPrivate' mode (Internet Explorer: Tools > InPrivate Browsing)
  • try an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome