The Chartered Governance Institute: Understanding the change

ICSA name change

  • ICSA (Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators) is now known as The Chartered Governance Institute (CGI). This change was approved by members of the nine ICSA divisions across the world at the 2018 AGM.
  • This is a part of the ICSA brand and charter changes that have been occurring over the last year.

When did this happen?

  • The new name for ICSA came into effect from the 16 September 2019, when the supplementary charter was approved by the Privy Council.

Is Governance Institute of Australia changing its name?

  • Governance Institute of Australia’s name does not change, but any references to ICSA will be changed to The Chartered Governance Institute.
  • Why not? We are separate membership associations. However, Governance Institute also administers the ICSA/CGI membership in Australia. Many of our members are members of both associations but not all are.

What does this mean for…

ICSA/CGI postnominals

  • The new name means that the postnominal letters that we award to our ICSA/CGI members will change in the future. There is a global transition period in place and each division will transition at a slightly different timeframe. You may see postnominals from overseas members being referenced as:
    • CG(Affiliated)
    • ACG
    • FCG
  • The postnominals for Australian ICSA/CGI members are not changing yet. The postnominals in Australia are currently still:
    • FCIS
    • ACIS
    • CIS(Affiliated)
  • The current postnominals can be used by members until the 31 December 2024.
  • Changes to the postnominals for Australian ICSA/CGI members will be reviewed mid 2020 and we will be in touch with members with further information in 2020.
  • Governance Institute postnominals are not changing. These are:
    • FGIA
    • AGIA
    • GIA(Affiliated).

ICSA designations

  • ICSA/CGI introduced the new additional designation Chartered Governance Professional late last year. The designation Chartered Secretary is still able to be used.
  • We announced the new designation to members in September 2018.
  • All Fellow ICSA/CGI members were grandfathered in September 2018 and can choose to use the new Chartered Governance Professional designation in addition to the current designation Chartered Secretary. Associate ICSA/CGI members will be grandfathered in by the end of 2020.
  • New ICSA/CGI Fellow members will be grandfathered into both designations until the transition to the new courses are complete.

Membership benefits

  • Other than the postnominals and designations there are no changes to membership benefits.

Impact to courses

  • Whilst the change of name has no direct impact on our postgraduate education, the introduction of a new Chartered designation has necessitated the development of a new course, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management. This course provides educational pathways to each of the two Chartered designations.