Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to embracing differences, encouraging all perspectives, and uniting individuals and teams. We encourage our community of employees, members, customers, and partners to embrace their identities and cultures so that together, we can create an inclusive and enriching environment that values diversity.

Diversity and inclusion: What they mean to Governance Institute of Australia

Diversity is reflected in an inclusive environment that embraces many cultures, backgrounds, values, and ideas offered by individuals, teams, and stakeholders. We are strengthened by the differences in our community and what makes each person unique, including experience, education, ability, ethnicity, culture, faith, gender identity, age, sexual orientation and language.

Inclusion is about continuing to value and embed diversity in our daily practices and organisational culture, for which we have individual and collective accountability. It’s a commitment to ensure everyone feels safe to express their diversity within our governance community.

Our inclusion and diversity mission

The pillars of our strategic purpose and values are to influence, inspire and support. These principles have driven our mission to promote an inclusive and diverse environment. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational principles of good governance, and as an organisation that advocates for excellence in governance, are therefore directly connected to our purpose. At Governance Institute we are committed to harnessing the unique contributions of our people and to value every idea. It is our belief that an inclusive culture powers our results and motivates our people to grow and thrive. We believe in promoting equality, and our position allows us to serve diverse customers and guide the communities we serve.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion: Why it matters to us

Governance Institute is committed to a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. We embrace diversity because it is the right thing to do for our people and it is beneficial to the society we serve. Diversity is at the core of our ability to serve our customers and members, and it strengthens our reputation as the provider of choice.

Individual differences create a dynamic workplace at Governance Institute, which supports us in delivering the best solutions for our customers. We harness the energy, creativity, innovation, talent, and insights of our diverse workforce. As with all Governance Institute business practices, we want to ensure our diversity and inclusion initiatives are transparent. Awareness and engagement benefits everyone — our customers, current and prospective employees, and the broader community.