Our committee members

Brian Ferreira FGIA FCG (Chair)
Vice President — EXP Services ANZ, Gartner

Pia Bentick FGIA FCG (Acting Chair)
Company Secretary & Corporate Counsel, Energy and Water Ombudsman (SA) Ltd

Heather Grierson AGIA ACG
Assistant Company Secretary, Members Equity Bank Ltd

Brett Lane AGIA ACG
Staff Officer Compliance & Assurance, Department of Defence, Reserve and Youth Division

Helen Hardy FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Origin Energy Ltd

John Mazengarb FGIA FCG
Director, GSD Advisors Pty Ltd

Susan Campbell FGIA FCG (Chair)
Company Secretary/Legal Counsel, Queensland Sugar Ltd

Geoff Bartels FGIA FCG
Principal, Sirius Enterprise Risk Management Pty Ltd 

Nathan Bartrop FGIA FCG
Founder and Principal Governance Advisor, Gap Governance

Pia Bentick FGIA FCG
Company Secretary& Corporate Counsel
Energy and Water Ombudsman (SA) Ltd

Robin Bowley FGIA FCG
Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Technology

Head of Secretariat — Subsidiaries ANZ, Company Secretary’s Office, ANZ Bank Ltd

Varuni De Silva FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, New Forests Pty Ltd

Francesca Dickson AGIA ACG
Head of Corporate Governance and Risk, The BPAY Group 

Sally Frazer AGIA
Manager, Legal and Governance, Cleanco

Duncan Glasgow FGIA FCG
Director Legal & Risk, Cater Care                                                                       

Peter Goffin FGIA FCG
General Counsel, Company Secretary, AMA Victoria

Phil Grindley B Comm, GradDipACG, MLS, CA, FGIA FCG
Head of Risk, Wesley Mission

Professor Jason Harris FGIA FCG
Professor of Corporate Law, University of Sydney 

Stephen Harris FGIA FCG
Managing Partner, Blackhall & Pearl                     

Andrew Horne FGIA FCG
Contract Company Secretary

Ian Londish GIA(Affiliated)
Company Secretary

Philip Maloney AGIA ACG
National Director — Legal Governance & Risk, LCM Health

Suzanne McArthur FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Subsidiaries, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Andrew McKelvie FGIA FCG
Head — Company Secretarial Group, TMF — Corporate Services (Aust) Pty Ltd

Ellen Morsley FGIA FCG
Senior Legal Counsel, Chi-X Australia

David Munday AGIA ACG
Chief Governance Officer/Company Secretary, Regional Australia Bank

Cathy Oster FGIA FCG
Head of Legal, Governance and Reporting, Duxton Capital

Nathan Patrick FGIA FCG
Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary, UTS Insearch Ltd

Viola Pythas FGIA
Principal, Corpsec Services

Zoheb Razvi GIA(Affiliated) 
Company Secretary, Ventia Pty Ltd

Helen Roberts, AGIA
Associate Director/ ANZ Regional Head of Governance, Legal and Governance, Macquarie Group Limited

Keith Roberts FGIA FCG
Managing Director, NFP Support Pty Ltd

Gregory Seeto, FGIA
Executive Governance, Integrity and Legal, Life Saving Victoria

Michele Shadler FGIA
Senior Governance Lawyer, Corporate Governance, Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd

Christopher Skelton FGIA FCG
Director, NFP Accountants Pty Ltd

Tim Timchur FGIA FCG
Director, 365 Architechs Pty Ltd

Stephanie Vass FGIA
Company Secretary, Australian Military Bank Limited

Leanne Wrightson AGIA ACG
Senior Compliance Officer, Australian Human Rights Commission

Dr Beth Nosworthy (Chair)
Senior Lecturer, Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide

Dr Rosemary Sainty FGIA
Lecturer, Business School, University of Technology Sydney

Mr Laurence Factor FGIA(Life) FCG
Senior Lecturer (retired), School of Business and Law, Curtin University

Mr Mark Wilbourn (Ex Officio)
General Manager, Education, Governance Institute of Australia

Ms Kathleen McLaughlin FGIA FCG

Ms Paula Spencer GIA (Affiliated) (Student Representative)

Maureen McGrath FGIA FCG (Chair)
General Counsel, Compliance & Secretariat, Scentre Group

Rohan Abeyewardene FGIA FCG
Group Company Secretary, Vicinity Centres

Warren Baillie FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Woodside Energy Ltd

Michelle Baker, GIA(Affiliated)
Governance Adviser and Company Secretary (Listed Entities), Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Graeme Blackett FGIA FCG (Deputy Chair)
Senior Company Secretary, Company Matters Pty Ltd

Jane Bowd AGIA ACG
EGM, Group Company Legal and Board Services, IAG Ltd

Kate Brown FGIA FCG
Group Governance Counsel, Seek Ltd

Priscilla Bryans FGIA FCG
Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

Sam Butcher FGIA FCG
Managing Partner, Blackhall & Pearl

Vicki Clarkson FGIA FCG
General Manager, Governance Operations, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Damien Coleman FGIA
Special Counsel Governance, Legal and Group Governance, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Cecile Cooper AGIA ACG
Company Secretary, Blackmores Ltd

Nicole Duncan FGIA FCG
Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary, South32 Ltd

Michelle Favelle FGIA FCG 
Group Company Secretary, Mirvac Group

Garth Fountain-Smith FGIA FCG
Director, Principal Legal Practitioner, Fountain-Smith Lawyers and Governance Pty Ltd

Minas Frangoulis FGIA
Deputy Company Secretary, ANZ Banking Group Limited

Eirene Garnsey FGIA
General Manager, Compliance and Secretariat, Scentre Group

Caroline Gatenby FGIA FCG
Global Compliance Officer and Assistant Company Secretary, Cochlear Ltd

James Gerraty FGIA FCG
Manager Listings, ASX Ltd

Douglas Gration FGIA(Life) FCG

Penny Grau FGIA FCG
Group Counsel Secretariat, BlueScope Steel Ltd

Ian Gregory FGIA FCG
Principal, The Company Secretariat

Michelle Hall AGIA AGG
Deputy Company Secretary, Woolworths Group Ltd

Deborah Hambleton FGIA FCG
Consultant, IOOF

Helen Hardy FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Origin Energy Ltd

Dominic Horsley FGIA FCG
Chief Legal Counsel — Asia Pacific, Computershare Ltd

Kimalee Hunter FGIA
Assistant Company Secretary, Wesfarmers Ltd

Kristy Huxtable FGIA FCG
General Manager, Company Secretary, Group Corporate Affairs, Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd

Anthony Ingegneri FGIA
Company Secretary, Westpac Group

Komal Jalan AGIA ACG
Principal Sustainable Investment Manager, Pacific, Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd

Karen Lange FGIA FCG
Contract Company Secretary, Company Secretary & Governance Solutions

Fiona Last FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Transurban Ltd

Sue Laver FGIA
Company Secretary, Office of the Company Secretary, Telstra Corporation Ltd

Emma Lawler FGIA FCG 
Company Secretary, Link Group 

Wendy Lee FGIA FCG
Group Company Secretary, Lendlease Group

Dennis Leong FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Legal and Governance Group — Corporate Governance Division, Macquarie Group & Macquarie Bank Ltd

Joanne McDonald FGIA
IGO Limited

Christine Manuel FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Angel Seafood Holdings Ltd

Fiona Mead FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, CSL Ltd

Taryn Morton FGIA FCG

Dominic Millgate FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Boral Ltd

Chris Murphy AGIA ACG 
Company Secretary, Tabcorp Holdings Ltd

Kara Nicholls FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd

Paris Nicolaou FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, NAB Subsidiaries, Legal & Commercial Services, National Australia Bank Ltd

Tim Paine FGIA FCG 
Company Secretary, Rio Tinto Ltd

Virginia Papaluca FGIA FCG 
Deputy Company Secretary, Ampol Australia Ltd

Simon Pordage FGIA FCG 
Company Secretary, Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd

Vanessa Rees FGIA FCG

Mathew Ronald FGIA
Director, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

Matthew Rowe FGIA FCG 
Company Secretary, Australian Foundation Investment Company Ltd

Anna Sandham FGIA FCG
Company Secretary, Company Matters

Michael Scott FGIA FCG
General Manager Secretariat & Shareholder Relations, Tabcorp Holdings Ltd

Genevieve Simkiss AGIA
General Manager, Company Secretariat, Xero Limited

Peter Smiles FGIA
Deputy Company Secretary & Senior Manager Group Legal, QBE Insurance Group Ltd

Ashley Spencer FGIA
Senior Executive — Legal, Enabling Functions and Governance, Medibank Private Ltd

Geoff Stirton FGIA FCG 

Mark Studd FGIA FCG
Editor, CRO Office, Westpac Limited

Louise Thomson FGIA FCG
Group Company Secretary, Legal & Commercial Services, National Australia Bank Ltd

Malcolm G Tyler FGIA FCG 
General Counsel & Company Secretary, GUD Holdings Ltd

Lavangie Weerapana FGIA
Senior Assistant Company Secretary, Rio Tinto Ltd

Ken Weldin FGIA FCG
Partner, Audit & Assurance, PKF Melbourne

Luxmy Wigneswaran FGIA FCG
Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance, Governance, Regulation and Conduct Solutions, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Stefanie Wilkinson FGIA
Group Company Secretary BHP

Pauline Vamos AGIA ACG (Chair)

Andrew Leake FGIA FCG
Chief Operating Officer, Wenona School

Caron Sugars FGIA FCG
Partner- Risk and Advisory Services, KPMG

John Mazengarb FGIA FCG
Director, Tasplan Pty Ltd

Marco Bini FGIA FCG (Chair)
Governance Consultant

Sally Frazer AGIA ACG
General Counsel and Company Secretary, Seqwater

Stephen Horne FGIA FCG
Principal Consultant, Checks, Balances and Integrity

Lysanne Kingswell AGIA ACG
Manager, Governance and Programs, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Tim Lyons AGIA
Board and Governance Manager, National Injury Insurance Agency, Queensland

Kirsty McAuliffe AGIA ACG
Policy Analyst Governance,  Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Merryn Shaw AGIA ACG
Board Secretary and Portfolio Coordination Lead, Sustainability Victoria

Irene Sitton AGIA ACG
Principal Advisor, Building Queensland

Elizabeth Starr GIA(Affiliated)
Principal Program Officer Governance and Reporting, Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management

Dr David White FGIA FCG 
Course Director, Governance Institute of Australia, Course Coordinator, University of South Australia, School of Business

Rachel Rees (Chair)
Executive Director, Rees Corporate & Governance Advisory

Andrew Leake FGIA FCG
Chief Operating Officer, Wenona School

John Mazengarb FGIA FCG
Director, Tasplan Pty Ltd

Tim Timchur FGIA FCG
Director, 365 Architects Pty Ltd

Greg Hanigan FGIA
Chief Risk Officer, Tasplan Pty Ltd

Karin Geraghty FGIA (Chair)

Francesca Dickson FGIA FCG (Deputy chair)
Head of Corporate Governance & Risk, Company Secretary, The BPAY Group

Glyn Geen FGIA FCG
Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager, Fremantle Ports

Duncan Glasgow FGIA FCG
Director Legal & Risk, Cater Care

Phil Grindley B Comm, GradDipACG, MLS, CA, FGIA FGC
Head of Risk, Wesley Mission

Ben Lester FGIA
Director Risk and Compliance, Department of Justice and Community Safety, Victorian Government

Ian Londish GIA(Affiliated)

Suzanne McArthur FGIA
Company Secretary, Subsidiaries, Commonwealth Bank

Peter McGee AGIA ACG

Kerry McGoldrick FGIA FCG
Partner, ShineWing Australia

Tim Timchur FGIA FCG
Director, 365 Architechs Pty Ltd

Gail Creighton-Davies GIA(Affiliated)
Project Governance and Risk Consultant