ICSA AGM — 4 October 2017

The international ICSA Council has developed two separate strategies to enable Governance Institute to take full advantage of the worldwide focus on good governance. The Council has now resolved to seek your approval to these two strategic initiatives that will position the organisation to evolve and grow sustainably by enhancing its reputation and reach.

The first initiative is the introduction of an intermediate grade of membership that will not be Chartered but will allow successful students to call themselves Affiliated Members.

The second initiative is a new designation to be called Chartered Governance Professional that will rank alongside Chartered Secretary and will provide a home to a wide range of individuals that have a role in delivering good governance but do not necessarily act or see themselves as company secretaries. This would apply to governance professionals whose role is not company secretarial based, yet would benefit from the networks and resources available to ICSA members.

A meeting of members will be held in London on 4 October 2017 to seek your approval of the Affiliated Member proposal and the Chartered Governance Professional proposal.

The formal Notice of AGM contains the full detail of the changes to the Charter & byelaws.

Governance Institute encourages you to vote in favour of the new initiatives.  

Read more about these initiatives.