Assignment rules & procedures

1.0 Introduction

This document applies to all students enrolled either in the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance course or as a non-award student, regardless of their current status.

The purpose of this document is to provide:

  • standardised assignment guidelines for all subjects within the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance course.
  • information to students about their obligations when undertaking assignments for all subjects.

2.0 Submission

2.1 Students are required to complete a 3,000-word assignment as part of their assessment for each enrolled subject.

2.2 The first page of your assignment must have the subject title, your full name, your
contact number and the word count clearly displayed (please refer to the Sample Assignment Front Page).

2.3 Assignment word limit does not include footnotes and bibliographies. Note: footnotes are for reference only and not a facility to explain further.

2.4 Figures used only in the Corporate Accounting and Corporate Financial Management assignments are also not included in the word count.

2.5 The following main format is required for all assignments:

  • Heading ------------ Font style: Arial Black; size: 12pt
  • Body Text -----------Font style: Arial; size 10pt
  • Paragraph ----------1.5 line spacing.

Additional formatting may be at the discretion of the student.

2.6 All assignments must be submitted online via the online learning centre. Governance Institute will not accept emailed, faxed or hard copy assignments from students. Contact Governance Institute urgently if exceptional and/or extenuating circumstances prevent you from meeting this requirement.

2.7 All assignments must be submitted in MS Word format only (any version). The saved document name must contain the semester, year, studentโ€™s name and subject code - 0112_student first initial_student surname_subject code.docx (for example, 0112_m_martian_ACL.docx)

2.8 The subject codes for all subjects are listed on page 4 of this document for your reference.

2.9 All assignments must be submitted by 11:59pm (AEST/AEDST) on the published assignment due date.

2.10 No late assignments will be accepted unless the student had been granted and extension prior to the published assignment due date as stipulated in item 4.0 below.

2.11 The complete instructions on submitting an online assignment is available on the Assignment Submission section in the online learning centre.

3.0 Assignment grade

3.1 The assignment contributes 30 per cent of the overall mark for a subject.

3.2 There will be no penalty for students who exceed the stipulated word limit by ten percent (300 words) or less.

3.3 Ten (10) marks will be deducted from the total of 100 marks for assignments with the word count between 3,301 and 3,500 or part thereof. An additional ten marks will be deducted for every 500 words or part thereof beyond 3,500 words.

3.4 Students may also be penalised by markers if their assignment contains evidence of plagiarism or contains large quantities of information copied directly from the subject materials.

4.0 Extension

4.1 Governance Institute recognises that there may be serious misadventure, accident, illness or extenuating circumstances beyond a student's control which are of such severity or gravity that they may impact adversely on the ability to complete assignment within the published due date.

4.2 Under exceptional circumstances, extensions to the assignment due date may be granted to a maximum of two weeks from the published due date.

4.3 Students are required to submit a request for assignment extension via email or letter with supporting documentary evidence at least five (5) business days before the published due date to the National Education Manager. Extension of the assignment due date is at the sole discretion of the National Education Manager.

4.4 If an extension date to the assignment submission is approved, students must submit the assignment in both MS Word and PDF formats via email to Heman Kamalanatham on or before the extension due date. No further extensions will be granted.

4.5 Please note that additional work commitments or insufficient time as a result of being enrolled in two or more subjects does not provide sufficient grounds to grant an extension.

5.0 Deferral

5.1 Eligible students who are unable to complete the assignment by the published due date may choose to defer the assignment to the next consecutive semester as long as they meet the requirements stipulated on the subject completion policy located on the Governance Institute website.

5.2 Students will be required to complete a new assignment question that will be available to download from the online learning centre at the start of the next consecutive semester.

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