Governance podcasts

Leighton’s character, complexities and conflicts


An article in the December 2013 journal, Keeping good companies, raises the issues of bribery and corruption. While there is greater anti-bribery regulation in Australia and other jurisdictions, why are we still seeing breaches of the law by significant companies? Peter Dongas is in conversation with Professor Michael Adams FGIA, Dean of the School of Law at the University of Western Sydney.

Shareholders’ right to know


Despite years of corporate evolution and economic theories, the principal-agent problem still exists today. Janine Rolfe, Director of Company Matters has written about the subject in the November 2013 issue of Keeping good companies. In this podcast, she is in conversation with Peter Dongas.

An integrated governance framework for public sector organisations


In the September issue of Keeping good companies is an article by the NSW Auditor-General, Peter Achterstraat FGIA, ‘The Corporate Governance Lighthouse — an integrated governance framework for public sector organisations’. In this podcast, Peter Dongas speaks to the Auditor-General about his governance model, but also asks about his time in the role.

Re Maiden — landmark personal property security decision


It has taken about 18 months for the first substantive case regarding the Personal Property Securities Act to be decided in an Australian court. In this interview, Jason Harris FGIA, a Course Director for Applied Corporate Law at Governance Institute, discusses the implications of the Maiden case with Peter Dongas.

Shareholder engagement — insights from a global investment manager


Pru Bennett, Head of Asia Pacific, Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment at BlackRock is the author of an article in the July 2013 issue of the Governance Institute journal Keeping good companies. The article sheds some light on the special relationship that a large global investment manager can have with companies in their portfolios. Here Pru Bennett is in conversation with Peter Dongas.

Falling behind — business use of social media in Australia


Is Australia falling behind in the use of social media? That’s the opinion of the author of an article in the June 2013 issue of Keeping good companies, Joanne Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer of 1000heads. In this interview with Peter Dongas, Joanne sends a wake-up call to Australian social media managers to drop the PR spin and develop real engagement if they want to reap the rewards of social media.